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As the saying goes, too much of a good thing is good for nothing – and it is certainly true for essay quotes. A couple of cleverly chosen ones will do wonders to spice up your essay, but if you start cramming them into every other sentence it will,

a) look as if you have nothing to say on your own,

b) return unpleasantly high plagiarism results in automated plagiarism checks. In addition to that, an essay is a fairly small text, and using multiple quotes will quickly deplete your word limit.

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A fresh eye – or even a fresh perspective – is vital for good proofreading. After you’re done with your essay, it’s better to do something totally different from writing. When you take up the essay again, any mistakes or typos which your hackneyed eye failed to detect will stand out.
As far as fresh perspective goes, your friends may very well be of service: it’s their first time that they see your writing, so they’ll easily spot any errors.
In an extreme case, if you have absolutely no time to let the essay sit awhile (for instance, if it’s almost nighttime and the paper is due tomorrow morning), you might want to order proofreading services from a specialized agency online.

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One of the most widespread and commonly used methods utilizes an essay order of importance – in other words, all facts are introduced in decreasing (or, in rare cases, increasing) order of importance. For obvious reasons, this approach is most popular in professional journalism, as it allows the reader to get the gist of an article from the first few phrases (or, preferably, from the headline). Nevertheless, it is widely used in other types of writing as well. Here are a few reasons why.

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The need for educational and communicational devices in schools has been recognized by educational systems in a number of countries, including Turkey, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Senegal, Colombia, Finland, Sweden, the US and many more. While the governments are into centralized “tabletization” of educational institutions, many students have portable devices on their own. For example, in 2013, there were around 260,000 tablet users among students in the UK and ten times as many in the US. Still, not everyone owns a tablet for education, especially in the developing countries, which is why governments are planning to buy or lease tablet devices for schools.

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For this purpose you can use new trends that are gaining popularity in the presentation design world. They are setting the rules of how presentations should be created as well as delivered. As a result, you can use these 5 best presentation techniques that are growing in popularity.

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As it turns out – to a considerable chagrin of many – learning creative writing has very little to do with creativity. Creativity is what you are supposed to supply on your own, and nobody is capable of teaching you how to be creative if you don’t have any personal inclinations in this direction. What most creative writing courses are all about is organization, planning and streamlining. Until you’ve mastered these, all the creativity in the world isn’t of much help – so let this guide help you with the basics.
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It is worth your while to occasionally dip into these literary gems for the purpose of reference but not allowing them to totally dominate your learning. Remember nothing will replace communication and regular feedback for quality in carrying you to your ultimate dream; these are the key to your success!
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