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Service With Integrity and Compassion When You've Been Injured
Service With Integrity and Compassion When You've Been Injured


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Christensen & Hymas Monthly Content Digest - November Edition

You Crashed A Rental Car, Now What? (

Being in an #automobile #accident can be an emotional and potentially painful experience. After a crash, there are likely hundreds of thoughts going through your head about the safety of yourself, any passengers and those in the other vehicles.

Been Involved In A Motorcycle Accident in Utah? (

While many enjoy the thrill and freedom that comes from riding a #motorcycle, almost everyone who drives one has been involved in some form of accident during their tenure. Motorcycle riders have a disadvantage on the road when it comes to protection and visibility.

Utah School Boards Asking Voters For ~$800M In Bonds (

The Christensen & Hymas team has a deep commitment to #community involvement. We believe a healthy society functions best when members take an active role in helping improve the quality of life for everyone. Aside from providing legal services for Utah men and women involved in accidents, we want to help our communities grow and benefit from our presence.

Avoid The Mistake of Settling For Less (

There's a misconception out there that #lawyers want bigger settlements for their clients just because. Allow us to clear up that myth. Often, when an insurance company offers a settlement check to the victim after an accident the figure they offer is less than what will be needed in the long run.

When Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Utah? (

Not every #automobile accident requires the services of a lawyer. In many cases, fender benders and other situations where nobody is hurt hiring an attorney would not be the recommended course of action.

What exactly is a "class action" lawsuit? (

By now, you've probably heard about the #data #breach by the consumer credit reporting agency Equifax. There were over 140 million Americans affected by the breach, some even had their complete social security numbers and credit card numbers stolen.

Social Security Disability Claims (

If you or someone you love is struggling with a #SocialSecurity disability claim, we have experience in this area.

September 2017 Supplies For Success Teaching Award (

We're proud to continue our support of #Utah schools with the Christensen & Hymas Supplies For Success Teaching Award. Today we're proud to announce the winner of 2017's award!

Is There A Green Threat Lurking In Your Home? (

We hate to stir the pot on a #Friday night discussing organic home invaders. Specifically, the kind that live in soil and are probably on your fireplace mantle.

This is relevant.

Settlements and Your Future Health (

When you're a deserving client, the #ChristensenAndHymas team in #Utah work hard to ensure you get the compensation you need. This can mean immediate concerns like hospital bills and out-of-pocket-expenses, but what about future expenses as a result of an accident?

More Scholarship Winners! (

While the start of the #school year isn't always great news (for the students), there are some great aspects about a fresh new school year. Those who are in law school might find a little more relief in some extra money, which is precisely why we're happy to announce more winners of the Christensen & Hymas scholarship program.
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When to Call an Ambulance (

If you were to be the first to arrive on the scene of a #car #accident in Utah, would you know what to do first? Many of us think we would know how to react, but in the moment, you might have a much different reaction.

We asked Chief Henry Clinton of the Springville Fire and Rescue team what his best advice for calling an ambulance would be. Quite simply stated, his advice was, "When in doubt, call us. It's true that when lives are on the line, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The fact of the matter is, however, that using emergency services are associated with high costs. The last thing a person in trouble wants to have on their mind is worrying about being charged for an expensive ambulance trip. We tackled this issue on the Christensen & Hymas blog and the information is still just as relevant today:

In cases of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious conditions this can be the difference between life and death. But even for less serious emergencies, being transported to the hospital in an ambulance means that you will start receiving treatment on your way to the hospital. And because hospitals often give patients transported by ambulance priority, Chief Clinton says "we tend to get you into that ER a little faster."

If you are questioning whether or not to call 911 for an ambulance, just call.

You can check out the article for free through the link above to our website.

#Utah #emergency #safety
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Why buckle up in Utah? (

What is the first thing most of us do when we get into a #car? 99% of folks answered that question by responding "buckling my seatbelt". But believe it or not, that's not everyone's first reaction. It seems like a simple way to help ensure safety inside a moving vehicle, and a smart habit to instill in your children.

Indeed, local governments agree which is why there are steep fines associated with getting caught not wearing a seatbelt.

"Click it or Ticket"

Sound familiar?

Every year, approximately 100 lives are saved on Utah's roads each year thanks to seatbelts. We discussed what you should know about the laws surrounding seatbelt use in Utah on a blog post.

The Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Usage Act states that a vehicle's operator must "wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety belt." In addition, each child younger than 8 years old must be in a child restraint device like a car seat. All passengers, regardless of age, must wear a seatbelt in the vehicle. The driver is legally responsible for ensuring that all passengers 16 years old or younger are wearing seat belts.

The link above will take you to the website for more information!

#Utah #lawyers #personalinjury
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Salt Lake County Suing 'Big Pharma' for Opioid Crisis (

Working in the #personal #injury field, the Christensen & Hymas team knows firsthand how, in certain situations, prescription painkillers can be useful during the recovery process. However, addiction to opioids has become an epidemic in our country.

In fact, in 2015 2 million Americans were reported to have a substance abuse issue involving prescription pain relievers. Utah County leaders are taking steps to help curb the addition crisis by bringing a lawsuit against 'big pharma'.

As reported in Deseret News:

It's not yet clear how much in damages Salt Lake County officials will be seeking or which companies they will be suing, but District Attorney Sim Gill said his legal team will be working through the specifics over the next two weeks while the suit is prepared for filing.

The announcement comes amid Operation Rio Grande, the $67 million city, county and state effort to root out lawlessness in Salt Lake City's most troubled neighborhood, which up until the operation's Aug. 14 launch was known for its criminal activity and open-air drug market.

We hope whatever action follows makes positive progress toward protecting the residents of Utah and the US from further tragedy related to prescription pain reliever addiction.

You can read more through the link above to the full article on Deseret News.

Christensen & Hymas: (

#Utah #news #addiction
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Motions, Merit, and Mistrials (

In the #legal system, there are a lot of words and phrases that lawyers and judges need to know to ensure that each case is handled accurately and effectively. The downside is that legal jargon can get a little confusing.

Aside from consistently being able to achieve favorable results for our clients in Utah, the Christensen & Hymas team is committed to educating folks who visit our website.

We're going to spin the wheel of legal jargon today and clarify a couple of the terms under the "M" category.


Cornell Law School& defines a motion as a "request to a court for a desired ruling or order." Utah State Courts further explains it as "asking the court to order something in an existing case."


"Merit," in the legal sense, can almost be equated with "credibility" or "accuracy." It can be technically defined as "the substantive elements...[or] validity of a claim or defense." USLegal describes a case that has merit as "setting forth sufficient facts from which the court could find a valid claim of deprivation of a legal right." A claim has merit if it has substance; it must be both plausible and based in legality.

Mistrial defines a mistrial as "the termination of a trial before its natural conclusion because of a procedural error, statements...which prejudice a jury, a...jury [not] reaching a verdict after lengthy deliberation (a 'hung' jury), or the failure to complete a trial within the time set by the court." Thus, the word, "mistrial" is exactly what it sounds like: it's a trial that has not operated in an acceptable or orthodox manner.

Make sure you visit the Christensen & Hymas website and browse through the Legal Glossary. You can even schedule a consultation with our team right from the website.

#Utah #Lawyers
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Randall's Story (

Randall has many of the same characteristics of most #Utah residents - he's active, and loves the outdoors. Randall enjoys riding his bike and rock climbing.

Randall was involved in an accident during a heavy snowstorm in March 2013. Someone driving too fast for the conditions read-ended Randall which caused his car to be pushed forward, causing an additional T-bone style accident.

Randall's injuries were severe and he needed several expensive operations in order to get his life back on track. During his recovery, Randall expressed that one of his biggest stressors was finding the services of a qualified personal injury law firm.

"I gave the law offices a call that day, they got me in as soon as humanly possible. I sat down with Ken and immediately I felt relief. I felt like I could trust him, that he was fully open with me. I didn't have to think about anything - they took care of all the bills, all the filing, they got me into the right doctors to help me out."

If you've been involved in a car accident and are looking for a team that you can trust to help achieve the best possible outcome in Utah, it's time to schedule an appointment with Christensen & Hymas.

Click the link above to get started!

#car #accident #attorney
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Personal Injury Attorney in Utah (

Trust us, if there is a #lawyer myth floating around out there, we've heard it. Many folks after they've been involved in an accident think that hiring a lawyer is an unnecessary activity.

After all, the insurance company has your best interests in mind, right?

Not always.

If your insurance company is suggesting you don't hire an attorney after an accident, it's because insurance claims handled without legal intervention are usually a lot cheaper for the insurance company. Does that translate into you getting the full and complete compensation you need to recover and get your life back on track quickly? Not always.

We know what your claim is worth and we can help receive everything you are entitled to.

Bodily harm incurred by another individual's negligence falls under tort law - something the Christensen & Hymas team happens to well-versed in handling. Our website FAQ goes into more detail:

A personal injury lawyer seeks to obtain monetary compensation from the at-fault party--or the at-fault party's insurance company--in order to compensate the victim for any losses caused by the accident.

If you'd like to speak with our team confidentially, and risk-free you can click the link above to learn more about our team here in Utah. We have consultations available right now, don't wait!

#Utah #injury #lawfirm
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Tips for Staying Awake At The Wheel (

The statistics for road fatalities in #Utah are staggering. Unfortunately, wrongful death cases caused by negligent drivers are something we have to deal with at our law firm. Everyone has hopped behind the wheel from time to time and been a little too tired to be as sharp as they normally are.

Some examples include exhausted mom's picking up kids after school or sports practices, college students during exams, or regular hard-working individuals after 8-hours on the clock - everyone's been there.

Did you know that drowsy driving is the cause of 1 out of every 5 car accidents each year? Part of our goal here at Christensen & Hymas is to help prevent Utah men and women from becoming statistics. This previously written blog post is still relevant today as it contains helpful tips for staying awake and alert behind the wheel.

Turn on music

Listen to songs that are not rhythmic or soothing. Turn up the volume and use songs with up-tempo beats.

Have someone with you

Make sure you are never the only one awake on a road trip, especially when driving at night. Always have someone to talk to and keep you alert.

Avoid medicine that makes you drowsy

If you are taking medication that causes drowsiness, do not drive for long periods of time or at night.

More helpful advice available through the link above to our website!

#driving #safety
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$600M School Bond Vote On Track to Stand (

In case you missed our previous post about the #vote for school bonds in Utah, click here: (

We wanted to update you all today as it appears Utah voters are on track to pass more than $600 million in school bond issues. Our friends at Deseret News provided an early unofficial look at how the votes are going. We linked to the full article through the link above.

As of Tuesday night, it was reported that voters in South Summit School appeared to reject a $58 million school building bond, and the vote for $106 million by the Ogden School District was reportedly also trailing.

The Canyons School District has reportedly approved a $238 million bond to rebuild Hillcrest and Brighton High Schools. In addition, the bond will fund the rebuilding of Union Middle School and four other elementary schools.

Here's more on Ogden's vote according to the article in Deseret News:

Support for a $106.5 million bond to replace three Ogden elementary schools and the gymnasium at Ben Lomond High was trailing with some mail ballots yet to be counted, according to the Weber County Clerk's Office.

Nearly 49 percent of voters supported the bond, while about 51 percent opposed the question.

What's your take on the increase in funding for schools around Utah?

Christensen & Hymas: (

#politics #Utah #schools
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Fall Driving Concerns in Utah (

The fall months are some of the most beautiful around #SaltLakeCity. Trees are turning bright and vibrant shades of red and yellow before the winter and the air has a distinctly cooler feel to it. While the changing of the seasons presents the start of the holiday season and the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family, there's also risk lurking.

As the fall weather starts to change, rain and ice can present dangerous conditions for drivers who are not yet used to driving with more slippery conditions on the road. During the first few rainfalls of the year, the roads can be extra slippery and therefore more dangerous for careless drivers.

We present this information as a warning to help protect yourself and your passengers. In 2015, Utah experienced 276 motor vehicle collision fatalities. This was the most that Utah had seen in the past seven years.

Daniel Fuhr, the Utah Highway Patrol chief, reported that 93 percent of those deaths were a result of human error.

Combine distracted drivers with slippery road conditions and the picture of risk becomes more clear. If you've been involved in an accident that has left you unable to work with significant medical bills, schedule a consultation with Christensen & Hymas to discuss your options.

Our compassionate team will be able to provide a roadmap for your recovery and potentially help you recover the compensation you need to make a full recovery. Visit our website through the link above.

#car #accident #lawyer #Utah
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