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Deremiah CPE
"Turning Your Under-Performing Prospects Into Over-Performing Customers"
"Turning Your Under-Performing Prospects Into Over-Performing Customers"

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Da Hair Doc is looking for Hair Vloggers & Bloggers.

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"ATTENTION HOUSTON or TEXAS ART LOVERS"...The Artwork of Christopher Marion Thomas will be in Houston in October...I could tell you more but his work doesn't need me to Hype it up. His artwork has been shown Internationally by every McDonald's...The United States Post Office celebrated him in every US Post Office...while SEARS showed featured his work in all there stores internationally including on TV .

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Often times we approach Mistakes as if they are our Enemy  when we should be Embracing them as our Deremiah *CPE

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Mistake #00 - just means you're all over the place & you won't stop to ask someone who knows. This is what 98% of small businesses, struggling entrepreneurs, New Authors, Artist and start-ups do. Swede Roskam, my mentor showed me everything I needed to know right out of college as his first employee. Swede passed away this year at 84 years old but what he taught me in three weeks at his start-up was more than I learned earning two degrees in college. So…one man cleared up all the myths about what Customers really want. Let me be that man for you…by Deremiah *CPE

Mistake #76 - Avoiding Research is one of the primary reasons for business failure. What makes it harder to accept today is the Fact that more than any other time in History the Answers are available. (So what prevents you from doing Research? More than any other excuse my clients say TIME…they just don't have the TIME). Well I can assure you that TIME is not your Problem…unless you're Dead. We all have the same 24 hours in a day…it's what you Decide to do with it that Matters. Deremiah *CPE

Mistake #648- Failing to follow the instructions of Peter Drucker…avoiding the Opportunity to "make Selling Superfluous" Deremiah *CPE

Mistake #597- Missing OPPORTUNITIES to Get to know your Potential Customer in ways that make them See & Feel Deremiah *CPE

Mistake #2015- To Think or even worse Believe that everyone could be your Customer…It's just Not True…it's Deremiah *CPE
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