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Discover. Conquer. Expand. Move on.

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Critically important topics like #NetNeutrality are decided by this so called ineffective, corrupt, corporate owned  "regulatory body" that cannot even respect the privacy of citizens.
It is WE THE CONSUMERS who pay for the infrastructure of telcos and their survival, TELCOS ARE NOT DOING US A FAVOR, if they really want to go against the founding principles, demise unto them.
INDIA deserves better.

THIS CONCERNS THE INTERNET BECAUSE: India has one of the largest growing population of internet users, IF #NetNeutralityIndia   FAILS, THEN ALL INNOVATIONS AND WHAT INTERNET TRULY STANDS FOR, WILL FAIL

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FCC, TRAI or any-who-soever body, please fuck off if you are going to break the #internet #netneutrality  
FCC is considering Net Neutrality rules that would allow ISPs to discriminate against how we access parts of the Net.

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INDIA, US OR ANYWHERE ELSE, INTERNET IS GLOBAL. Let's establish #NetNeutrality once and for all.
Ugh. When Will We Ever Get A Break?

This is not the freshest of news. This past Tuesday, January 14, 2014, a Federal appeals court struck down the FCC’s ruling on Net Neutrality.

Many of us already pay too much for less-than-acceptable Internet connectivity. Guess what? Our usage experience on the Net could possibly become orders of magnitude worse.

With net neutrality being thrown out the window, telecos can now charge their customers varying fees depending on which sites they visit and how quickly they desire a website to load. They might also start charging fees to businesses who host content to have their content travel faster across the InterTubes than a competitor’s content.

If you like YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, Pandora, or any other website that hosts content (btw, that’s all of them), this pay-to-play approach might not only end up costing each of us a lot of additional money in usage fees each month, but also it could materially alter the Internet’s landscape. At its heart it could very well stifle innovation and creativity by favoring those companies that have the deepest pockets. It could also deprive each netizen of their basic rights and freedoms.

Several years ago, I spent a lot of my free time educating others about net neutrality and fighting to help preserve this basic freedom and right. Here’s one of the articles I penned that explains this issue in detail. It is still applicable today:

How the Death of Net Neutrality Effects You ( ) *

Note: During the 2010 net neutrality fight, Google supposedly was siding with Verizon, trying to work out a deal that would have effectively ended net neutrality. It appears that in the wake of the 2010 fight, Google has moved back to its Do No Evil mantra and once again is on the side of the netizenry.

Here’s a great visual presentation that explains the issue. A piece of my article from above is featured. See, A Better Internet (Revised): Net Neutrality Essay ( ).

Round Two

I am tired of the big telecos dictating what we can and cannot do. In my opinion, their attempts at having legislation passed that will allow them to dictate who has the rights to see what and when is tantamount to censorship. It is also a violation of privacy and a breach of our basic Constitutional rights set out in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

We need to rest control away from the big telecos. We need to work with companies who are on the side of the InterWebs' netizenry. The fate of free and unfettered communication, innovation, and creativity is at stake.

How can we effectively send Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and the government a message that will get them to stand up and notice our displeasure? So many of us are beholden to big telecos’ services that boycotting them would in effect prevent us from staying in touch.

Perhaps +Google Fiber will be one solution to the old-school telecos' backwards tactics and king complex. If you have tangible approaches to addressing this severe threat to our freedoms, please share them here or via your own posts.

Also, please get the word out via your various social Streams, contact your elected officials, and sign the petition linked to below.

We must fight the good fight once again. We must not let the insidious erosion of our InterWeb freedoms progress any further.

Additional Reads

Here are a few relevant, new reads on this issue from others around the Web:

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/cc +Jeff Jockisch +John Blossom +Gideon Rosenblatt +Gregory Esau +Kingsley Idehen +Mike Elgan +Robert Scoble 

#netneutrality   #stopcensorship   #freedom   #privacy   #security   #googlefiber  

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Well Said #EFF 
Net neutrality doesn't just apply to ISP's networks—it applies to the connections they make to other networks too.
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