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Blaize Abshire
Nerd, gamer, raver, warrior, legend. Blaiziken.
Nerd, gamer, raver, warrior, legend. Blaiziken.


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For those that complained about a lack of direction in the protests, this video explains what the basic concept of a general assembly is. It's not about having a particular demand, more so than it is about simply empowering the people to stand up for what they believe is right and what they want in the world. We all have different opinions about different subjects as individuals, but together we are "the people" and we demand change. The reform and the demands come later in the process. For now, it's about empowering people and inspiring a movement from the very grassroots.

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In case you haven't seen my posts on Facebook, I'll start posting on here too: Keep up with it. Spread the news to everyone you know. Countries all over the world are waking up. It's time for America to stand up too. Black, white, male, female, liberal, republican, it doesn't fucking matter. We are the 99% and we've had enough.

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