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Could someone else fill this in?
Could someone else fill this in?

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Fellow writers! I have a pricing question. Oy! It's like plucking a random figure out of the air and hoping it's not too low or that if it's high enough, it sticks.

I have a white paper project on my radar. The topic is right in my wheelhouse of domain experience. My content manager/editor has suggested a quote per stage of the project. So, $ for research, $ for detailed outline, $ for draft, $ for revision. How much time is the average for each of these? I've only recently finished a full-time contract, so I haven't had to think about time taken, in ages. 

Hi all,
I have a question about subscribers, autoresponders, and giving away free whitepapers.  

Do you offer the free white paper and then ask for email address, OR do you ask for the subscription and offer the free white paper as a thankyou? Do you find one way converts better than the other?

I've been building my list on Campaign Monitor, but am not sure about the whitepaper download piece... what do you guys prefer doing in terms of where to host and track the downloads and subsequently capture the email address? 

hi all,

I have a former client looking for someone to do some web copy and a 2 page brochure. I'm in a full-time product marketing contract at the moment, so I've offered to pass on a couple of names. If you've got the space to take on a small project, please hit me up with a link to your web and email. Client is in Sydney, but the work can be done remotely, of course. Thanks!

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A bit of thought leadership and some good practical tips on how to use Zendesk and Google Apps.
Presenter: Adam Clark, Zendesk

Giveaways: Samsung Chromebook 2*

All attendees will also be eligible to receive a FREE gCon t-shirt

Gone are the days when IT teams had to be down in a windowless basement with the servers and switches. Cloud technology and consumer apps have come along bringing new expectations of support and operations with them. In this presentation you’ll:

- Discover how corporate IT is evolving to take on more of a consulting role, where the support is less about system uptimes and more about helping people get the most from workplace tech
- Find out how you can still run a lean IT team while supporting a growing number of applications and service providers, using Zendesk’s support platform
- Learn some Zendesk tips and tricks for managing the different kinds of requests between you and your customers and you and your Google Apps provider.

*One device will be given to a randomly selected attendee.

I tweeted to a Buzzfeed article the other day. It was twenty-something words that mean something different to a writer. I tweeted that I didn't think of myself as a writer, but the listicle made me wish I was. 

I don't see myself as a writer, because I don't write fiction. 

I don't have an Evernote full of ideas. I have an Evernote full of links to other people's ideas, industry news, "how to write" tips. I'm a commercial writer. I've been paid to write other people's ideas. I procrastinate over that so much, though, I hate it. I hate that I have to write something and I put it off, and put it off. And then I get into the flow of the writing, and then I love what I've written. And then I hate getting the feedback. Unless it's good.

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Oh dear
Well that's unfortunate ... snigger

Thanks for the invite guys!

hey ServiceNowers,

Can SN keep an inventory of third party SaaS services an organisation uses?
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