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Add warehouse

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Here are some new grafics from UH that you will see in the new Release:

Cattlerun, Mainsquare, Cocoafield
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We're currently working on a nice overview page to list all our implemented buildings. A preliminary version is hosted here:
Any feedback highly appreciated!

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Hey everyone,
we've uploaded a new release candidate due to problems with some missing images that crashed the game. Please check out the new RC and also try the new status icon tool tips and tell us if you like them!


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Good news on the release front: 2012.1 will be coming this week if everything goes well. If you want to help us, test our release candidate (link attached) and report any problems!

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Our second GSoC!
Thanks to Google who accepted Unknown Horizons as mentoring organization for 2012. Interested in joining our team, related to GSoC or not? Check the ideas page linked on our profile!

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Awesome status icons!
In further news, we now highlight related building ranges in the build preview and also modified the build menu a bit. Check out the new blog post:
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Unknown Horizons finally reaches Debian testing repositories #yeah #UnknownHorizons
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