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Just finished the "final" edit of The Book of Paul sequel, The Dead Mask.
If you'd like to be a beta reader, send me a PM with your email.
- having read and reviewed The Book of Paul.
- agreement to provide and honest review when published
- promise not to share the file, or any portion, without express written permission from me, or give away any spoilers.

Naturally, all support, encouragement and helpful criticism are welcome. Thanks much.

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Hey friends and fans, The Book of Paul is on sale for only $0.99 today though Friday. For the price of a candy bar you get 400+ pages of madness, mayhem, steamy sex and pulse-pounding action. Sweet. Stephen King called it "mind-blowing!"

Now for your review!

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James Thorn and I had a great chat on his terrific horror show Dark Arts Theater. Check out the interview here:

James is a great friend and a great interviewer. It's a fun half hour where I discuss my new novel The Dream Palace, working with Uber-editor Jim Thomas, my obsession with consciousness and science, the sequels to The Book of Paul and the forthcoming documentary about my autistic daughter Emma Zurcher-Long.
Enjoy, and please support Dark Arts Theater!

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My blog was hacked this morning, so I…wait for it…wrote a blog about it! Silver lining dept: it gave me an excuse to offer a pre-sale early bird special to friends and fans on my Bookbub promo today!

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That last line sums it up so well Emma. There is more satisfaction in the road well travelled than the fantasy of effortless gains.

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Emma, the more I read your posts, the more I'm blown away by how incredibly brilliant you are. Your thoughts are operating on a level that is so much higher than my own that I can't fully make sense of them. Every other line seems like a Zen Koan rich for mining. Case in point: "None of wisdom’s stars ached for commonly held beliefs without questioning them all."

Who wants to tackle that one with me?

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"Awareness disguised as tolerance is not the same as love." Emma's hard-hitting take on Autism Speaks's "Light it up Blue" campaign which launches later this week. 

Awareness=Fear=Donations. That's the Autism Speaks formula for raking in the $. So if you see some blue jigsaw puzzle pieces popping up in the press and feel the need to help out, the very best thing you can do is NOT give money to Autism Speaks. Instead, consider supporting ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) where your donations help autistic people gain acceptance and fight fear-based anti-autism rhetoric.

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Everybody dance now! 

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Wow. Just…wow. There are so many layers of meaning in this. So profound, so poignant. Your mind senses, understands and communicates at a level so much more advanced than mine. I could meditate on every line of this for an hour and still not fully "get it." Every post you've written since taking over the blog is more amazing than the next. Go Emma!
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