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Gayla Cecilia
Bibliophile. Avid Reader. Single Mom. Fun. Fearless. Woman
Bibliophile. Avid Reader. Single Mom. Fun. Fearless. Woman

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I Broke Him
Eight years. That was how long our relationship lasted. Eight years of ups and downs. Eight years of going to different places. Eight years of companionship. Eight long years before one accidental mistake from me broke and shattered him. Is there a worse fe...

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My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows
It's a couple of days late but I'm not gonna miss Raisa and Eileen 's fun blog link-up where we talk about everything (literally!) that struck our fancy in the hopes of getting to know each other through our favorite things .  Since, today's my rest day and...

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The Month That Was │ August 2016
The "Ber" months are finally here! Cue in the "Christmas Carols, Christmas Decors, and the happy disposition because the Holiday Season is just around the corner! Sorry, I'm just so excited because Christmas is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I'm seri...

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 4
I was supposed to write my monthly wrap-up post for the month of August but I'm currently suffering from a writer's or in my case blogger's block lately. The white draft sheet has been staring back at me for almost twenty minutes now and I still don't have ...

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6 Things The Single Woman will teach you about heartbreak and being Single
It's a well documented fact on this blog that I sufferred a major heartbreak when my seven-year relationship ended. I don't want to go into the details on what happened (just read my previous blog entries) but it really felt like it was the end of my world ...

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My Favorite Things : July 2016
Before I start this entry, I just want to say that I'm no beauty blogger and not in any way an expert on all things beauty and skin care. I don't hoard that much beauty or skin care products. In fact, I'm what you call a loyalist for I stick to what I've be...

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Monthly Wrap-Up │ July 2016
I was looking at my calendar and saw July 31st staring back at me and all I could think about was "Wow! That was fast!". Cliché as it may sound but yes, July was nothing but a blur. I was intensely busy this month that I haven't been able to accomplish most...

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An Ode to Kalyeserye
graphic art by Elmer I first met you one quiet afternoon in July 20. I had just finished my lunch and is getting ready to take an afternoon nap while watching the longest running noontime show on Philippine TV when I saw Wally Bayola all dressed-up while lo...

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3 Lessons I Learned After Reading UP in Flames by Abbi Glines
The villain of Rosemary Beach finally gets her own happy ending! The 13th and final installment of the series is here and was released worldwide last June 28. I gotta admit, I honestly was never a true Nan hater. Yes, she did quite a number of nasty things ...

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June Favorites
It's the first Tuesday of the month and that means another round of the fun monthly link-up hosted by Raisa and Eirene where we rounded up the things that we really loved and like from the past month which is awesome and super cool!  Like what I mentioned i...
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