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There appears to be a bit of snow. 
Fremont, Seattle, Washington

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Minecraft (20 photos)
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Compounds essential to Earth-based life could very likely have originated in space.

This evidence supports the theory of guanine & adenine not being synthesized terrestrially due to the higher temperatures (early earth) thought to be required for cytosine & uracil to be easily synthesized. Thus G&A from space, C&U on earth.

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Newly discovering old webcomics is frowning elegance.

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SMBC regularly makes me laugh, hard, a lot.

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Nerdy Actors!
After a couple years of trying to get me and Nathan Fillion in the same place at the same time, +Felicia Day made it happen last night at the Nerd HQ.

After dancing like idiots (the only way I know how) for a little bit, Nathan hugged me and said, "When I was a teenager, you were living my dream." I told him, "When I was in my twenties, you were living mine."

Also, this happened. Yes, that's my son photobombing us.

I'll write more about comicon on my blog.

The downside to beta: I'll have to migrate this Google+ profile over to my Google Apps account when they are finally supported.

Would it be a useful feature if you could link two+ google accounts to one profile?

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1.7.2 is out! Update both clients and servers!

Hello, +World!
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