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Mikael Brassman
I like to code and to draw stuff
I like to code and to draw stuff

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Want a dynamic throttle for your web application? Throttle your input events using the browser's requestAnimationFrame #javascript

Post has shared content - always saves us time on repetitive code in Sublime & Atom. Also works great with +Polymer & custom elements.

Here's a TON of pro-tips worth going through: 

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Updated Reflux to 0.1.2. Now with a couple of new features and some bugfixes! #javascript   #reactjs  

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Finally released 0.1.0 version of Reflux. Enjoy the super simple Flux architecture library! #reactjs   #javascript  

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Reflux is now available as an npm package and bower component. #javascript   #reactjs  

I'll elevate to v 0.1.0 as soon as I get some proper unit tests in.

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Created a fairly simple library of ReactJS Flux architecture and it is available on Github and as a npm package.

Simple as in as little boilerplate as possible to create and listen to actions and data stores.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to do UMD module of it in browserify. So a browser version and bower package may show up soon.

#javascript #ReactJS

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So I wasn't able to write a proper blogpost about it, but here is a simpler implementation of Flux for ReactJS. #javascript  

I call it "Reflux", because that's my stupid sense of humor.

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In case you need to load AMD modules into your Mocha tests in a simple way. #javascript  
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