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Summer Tailspin
For the past week and a half I have been living solo which is great if you like eating Trix for dinner.  Husband has been away working in Missouri and my kids are at Grandma Camp.  The Grandma Camp is always a good week for Miss D, but this year, due to chi...

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The Darla Experience
Every month I go to the chiropractor with my kids.  I've been under chiropractic care over half of my life. I credit chiropractic care to keeping me a runner.  When I was in high school my hip would click when I ran. My IT band was so tight that it would cl...

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Sleeping Confession
Today is one of my last vacations days for the foreseeable future.  Many of the people I talk to think that my job as an academic librarian is easier in the summer due to the light load of students, but instead summer is a crazy busy time. This is mostly du...

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I Will
Ten years ago on this very date I said, "I will" to my husband. In ten years we have had two kids, moved 4 times, bought two houses and three vehicles, and adopted two dogs. I doubt that I can sum up the past ten years in any way so I will say this, I am gl...

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I am the princess of volunteering.  I don't want to claim to be queen because that title belongs to my mom. I am still able to fill my time volunteering and finding more projects. Over the weekend I volunteered for something new, to be a running buddy. The ...

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The End of Thirty-One
My thirty-first year ends tomorrow and thirty-two begins on Saturday.  I've actually been telling people I am thirty-two for a few weeks, I'm not sure why.  I have reached the age when I have to think about it, and sometimes do some math, to make sure I hav...

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Miss D readily agreed to be my model today.  She usually hates modeling for me and I have to bribe her. Today she jumped at the chance... because she wanted to practice her fainting pose. Where does she come up with this? She is such a drama queen. I did ge...

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Jury Duty Knitting
Last week I was summoned for jury duty for Peoria county.  I know lot of people that say they dislike jury duty.  I don't tend to hear a lot of positive things about it.  Yet, it remains a cornerstone to the U.S. justice system. Without jury duty, there are...

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The celebrations for Miss D's 7th birthday are complete. Seven started out pretty great for her. She spent the whole week of Spring Break in Iowa visiting between her two grandparents' homes. On her actual birthday she got to eat her favorite foods while ha...

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Second Tri
I seem to be turning into a triathlete. I never thought what would be a thing. Me a triathlete. I like to run, I like to bike and I like to swim, but I didn't think about putting them together. It seemed like too big of a commitment for people much fitter t...
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