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Lab's feeling down...TT
Do you guys know that feeling?  When you found out that, the friends that you are actually care about, are just treating you as a back-up   plan? Or when your close friends suddenly give you cold shoulders for no reason? Even there's a reason, but we don't ...

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Lab's Confession (2)
Sometimes I just feel useless, and then lonely, and then lack of confidence, slowly slowly I became the LONER... I hate to be the loner, I don't wanna be alone, but I'm born to be, everything of me is keeping me alone, that's why I disguise myself, I don't ...

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Lab's Confession
I have did a lot of thinking lately, I'm thinking about what I did in the past, what I said, everything... And then I realised that all I did in the past, about everything, it's all part of my act All I did these years were acting, disguising myself, hide m...

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Lab's backkkkk xD
Heyyyy, I'm finally back. Sorry this midget was being lazyyyyyyyy for the past week. But fortunately ( taliking sarcastically) , I'm finally FEEL like coming back to post something, at least don't abandoned this LOVELY blog like the last one. Poor little bl...

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The special guest =3=
So this incident happened years ago, but I just can't forget about it because it's just way too memorable (?) or...HILARIOUS? Err....well...whatever, it's just being interesting enough to be unforgettable. My family and I went to that KG restaurant to have ...

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Otaku's news (nah...)
Anime : Parasyte / Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu Very nice niaa...strongly recommended!!

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Scrabble (2)
I can never concentrate either during speech or presentation, and I will sleep this is the only way to keep myself awake xD I just can't help it when the presenter is talking in monotone, sorryyyyyyy laaaaaaaa...>__<''   

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HTC Okay, let's just continue with my classmates... HTC , seriously, this is her name, in short form. She's like having two moods within her, sometimes she can be all hyped up and can talk all day in class, but sometimes, she can be kinda gloomy without any...

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The special ones (3)
SM and HY These two are my primary school friends, I have knew them since Standard 1. Well, there's only one word to describe us, AWKWARD. Yea, I had quite the memories during my primary school life that I don't want to recall. They knew about my past, so i...

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The special ones (2)
Carmen So this girl is like the Goddess in our class, just say that she's the prettiest in our class. She's good in studies, sports as well and she also have quite the social skills. Even though she's like me, she transferred from a girl school last year, b...
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