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Making Focaccia Genovese at Home
Focaccia always seems so expensive in the shops so I always try and make it at home. I have a quick focaccia recipe, inspired by Lorraine Pascal, which always goes down well. However, my favourite is a traditional focaccia genovese. This needs overnight pro...

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How to Bake Bagels at Home
Beige Bake  - this is where I started my love affair with Bagels!  I have to thank an old girlfriend for taking me there in London's Brick Lane.  This is a shop once found never forgotten. On a late Saturday night you could buy a Sunday paper and go home wi...

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Spelt and Rye Cookies
These delicious cookies are easy to cook and taste as good as they look. The flavour from the berries and the Muscovado really shines through. You basically mix everything together, portion and bake. Its that easy!  The mixture is quite wet so I would alway...

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Socca Two Ways
No, this is not a football article. It is my first attempt at using the Chickpea flour. Socca is a chickpea based  unleavened  flatbread from the South of France. It features in many different cusines (Farinata in Italy;  karantita in Algeria;  f ainá  in A...

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Roasted Tomato Quinoa
Quinoa is very fashionable at the moment with increased availability meaning cheaper prices in the shops.  Bloggers such as DelicouslyElla have long encouraged its use but it is no longer any problem finding great recipes. Supermarkets are still tentative i...

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Celeriac and Caramelised Apple Soup
Now in years gone by the mere mention of the word Celery would put me in a cold sweat. My arch nemesis and number one of hated foods, it seemed to crop up all over the place whenever I least expected it. Many a salad was sent back because it made an unwante...

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