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Mike Bayes
Life time Entrepreneur and Colorado Native
Life time Entrepreneur and Colorado Native


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If you own or manage a business, this might be worth your time. Then again, you could just keep scrolling and be looking at Cats and things. Life is, after all, a series of choices.

Selling to the wrong customer is the number one issue I see in small and enterprise companies today...

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A boy and a horse. Not to many things as healthy for a kid.

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Still growing!
My First Circle Share!

For all of us who have added people only to find out later they are a dumbass.  Here's the Dumbass circle that will save you a ton of time, because you won't need to read a bunch of posts or see several dumbass comments before you realize they're a dumbass!

Want to be added?  Just plus this post and share, and you too can be in my dumbass circle!

Ping +Christine DeGraff 

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The good old days!
The community hit 999 members in December of 2012.  Any guesses what number we will be at on December 12th 2013? 

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Looking to tune up your Sales and Marketing for 2017?
Take this free mini "Sales and Marketing Tune Up" quiz to see how you stack up to other business owners.

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Oldie but goodie. This applies to selling anything B2B

Having lunch with a friend yesterday who is deeply concerned with recent world events (As many of us are), I shared a few thoughts. She asked me to write a blog about my thoughts, but I just don't have the focus. But here are two points that in my experience (and opinion) are important to understand.

- Evil always grows loudest before its own destruction. Apply this to any evil you see today. Apply this to any of histories horrible evils in nations, politics or society. Today evil seems to be screaming out from all corners of the earth.

- Major conflict is always present in any major social change. There is no progress on this earth without the presence of major conflict. (Civil war, Civil Rights, Democracy... on and on)

So, what we see today is evil in the process of destroying itself, as it always does. and the horrible conflict is part of society advancing itself. It's ugly, and tragic but has a better world at the end.

Prediction: All the same people who became experts in meerkat periscope blab Facebook live and now snapchat will soon become experts in Pokemon go and how it can benefit your business.

No Market Is Saturated.... if you have a unique viewpoint to offer.

Each new idea expressed in a service or product brings new expansion and opportunities. Building a better mousetrap is still the most viable method to success in business. Google wasn't the first search engine, Apple was late entering the cell phone market. I'm not in any way suggesting your business is going to be a Google, I am saying you should be investing significant though process into being unique and better.

My friends at +Social Warfare did that and are seeing good results. Making your service or product should be on your "to Do" list all the time.

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In 1999 I was part of an Internet start-up. My job was to take on-line email and sell it to the business community, something unheard of in 1999... using an online email provider.

Our consumer email ( was 100% advertiser supported. I was told you couldn;t charge for services on - line, that wasn't the model, things had to be free for the users.

And that's folks how we got to where we are. Because we built this thing on advertising dollars, not on the traditional subscription payments, we get what we pay for. And there is a cost to free content, email, information, either in dollars or quality. We as a society continue to demand more "Free" things as the quality of service and goods continue to decline.

We shop at Walmart to save 5% or 10% and complain about the lousy service, and lack of quality of some products.

Paying a fair price for a service or product was expected once, and that fueled better experiences. We forfeited that expectation when we demand or expect everything to have no cost (Even though that itself os an illusion)
Advertising, AdBlockers and Trust
For many internet users, online advertisements have become overwhelming in their delivery methods. These users tire of the popups, full-page interstitial ads, and the headache-filled user experience that they bring to online browsing.

I count myself among these users. I've lost faith in the methods to which companies are willing to turn in order to increase their revenue. That lack of faith is an issue of trust, or rather a lack of trust.

I certainly want to reward those who are creating content that I want, but to do so means that I have to rely on them to not violate my trust. I have to trust them not to force me to go chase down pop-out windows that attempt to hide themselves behind my browser. I have to trust that they won't cover the entire page of content with a full-page ad.

Is the merchandise worth the price I'm being asked to pay?
These are the methods that destroy the user experience. When this experience is thrust upon me, the content is no longer free. I'm paying for this content by surrendering the quality of my online experience.

This means that I have the same decision that we all make every time we step into Walmart and look at an item on the shelf. Am I willing to pay this price for this item?

If you visit the Forbes website with an Ad Blocker enabled, right on the very first visit, they gate their content with a message informing you that you may not view the content without disabling the ad blocker.

What are they asking for? They're asking you to do one of two things. Either you have to trust that they won't destroy your reading experience with the obnoxious forms of advertising that we've all grown to hate, or they don't care about your trust at all and they're just going to force you to pay for the content by submitting to the advertising methods that give us all headaches.

So you decide to trust them and you disable the Ad Blocker to read the article. Instantly and without hesitation, they immediately violate that trust.

Should I risk repeated violations of my trust?
Later I visit another website asking me to disable my Ad Blocker, but I've already been burned once. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...well, I'm not going to let that happen.

So now, people try to guilt me into not using my Ad Blocker, and I simply no longer care. My trust has been violated too many times.

So if you ask me to pay for your content on the very first visit, before I know who you are, before I know the quality of your content, before I've built any loyalty to your brand, before I've acquired any trust for you, I'm simply going to choose not to pay for your content. You've lost me as a visitor forever. I've been burned too many times, and since I don't know you or trust you yet, I'm just going to assume that you're going to burn me too.

This is how trust works. Trust that can be lost in a second can take ages to rebuild.


#Trust #AdBlockers #Advertising #TheTrustEconomy
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