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It seems we already need to establish some G+ etiquette. Please DO NOT add me to your "photography" circle just because I'm involved in the industry and then proceed to share your albums of images with me even though we have never met (not even in the Facebook sense). I get an email every time that happens and it's annoying. I've already had to block two people today. OK?
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In configuration you can stop sending you email notifications. Regards!
Wouldn't you see their photos only if you follow them as well in which case you would see anything they post to "everyone".
Personally, I have turned off the email option, just as I've turned off TweetDeck's annoying bleep everytime someone posts. When I want to find out what is happening on my social networks, I check them out. Otherwise, the overload could interfer even more with my work and life than it already does.
Ahh... you know what, I just figured out what you mean. I just saw a bunch of past "shares" from people I don't follow. Seems like people should post to their wall... errr, stream... rather than sharing. That way if someone doesn't follow you, you're not bother in them.
+Miki Johnson - I turned off email nearly all notifications almost immediately since the follow/add emails are too much. But for etiquette sake - what would you prefer people share or not share with you?

+Jeff Singer Isn't posting to your stream and "sharing" the same thing?
Oh crap, I hope this isn't me. I didn't share any albums, but I did share some of the stuff you had on your stream with some of my circles... still not 100% sure how G+ works :|
Hey hey, I know we're all still figuring this stuff out. Sonny, when you reshare something I share, that's great and I have that notification turned off. Of course I can turn off the email for that particular notification, but in general, if someone I KNOW shares something with me, I don't mind getting an email. Steve, good question. I guess I'd hope to only be in circles of people I actually know. I guess I should think of G+ more like Twitter than Facebook in that way, but it feels more in my face right now. Suppose I'll just turn off that email setting....
That is so annoying miki! I have to admit, i am sort of confused by g+. I just went to my stream and it's all stuff from people I don't know. These are people who've added me to their circles? Why am I seeing their posts? 
another question. is the mere act of posting a picture in g+ considered a "share" that, in turn, sends a notification to people who haven't turned that off?
My assumption (which could be wrong since I've only made three whole posts) was that posting to the stream goes to all the people who follow you (assuming you don't limit it's distribution) and obviously not to people who don't follow you. Sharing seems like it would be the same as writing on someone's wall in Facebook or sending them a FB message.

But, if you see the "Incoming" link on the left... those are posts from anyone who has you in a circle whether you follow them or not. The "stream" is only people you follow.

But even then I'm not sure because if you look in the settings there is no notification option for the "incoming" section but there is for "share with me directly".

Confusing. I'm so glad there's yet another network to wrap my head around. Can't wait for the next one!
Sorry to intrude, I chanced upon your profile in a photography list at DPS site, saw your post -found it a little rude and felt compelled to comment. You are missing the point which makes G+ different from FB. Here you can add anybody whose profile interests you and see what you share with "Public", if you don't want to share, limit it to circles and nobody else sees it. contd.
You need not add that "anybody" into your circles. As far the emails- use settings to turn it off. Being rude without knowing the rules of the game is not an example of good etiquette - so pls prepare urself before preaching.
I'm getting notifications all the time of images being shared by people I don't know and don't have in my circles. Why in the world should I be notified that someone I don't even know shared something with me? Imagine if you got notifications for people who followed you on twitter but you don't follow them? Am I missing something?
Go to settings and uncheck email notifications for "Shares a post with me directly". The people are following you and over-sharing.
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