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Screenshots from update 1.3.0 and 1.4.0
13. jan. 2013
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Update 1.4.0 has just been uploaded!!!
 - Feature to load and save projects. The files suffix are *.epf
 - Fix of bug from update 1.3.0. The signs of the graphical representation of the reactions has been corrected

Update 1.3.0
 - Rocking US sections according to the ASCI code
 - The custom section has been changed to include a calculator for the most common profiles
 - A dimension line has been added to the graphics, so the evaluated results can be obtained in every point
 - Implementation of a more reliable method for generating the desired number of digits to display the results with.

Awesome service update 1.2.3!!!
- Lots of general improvements
- Full support for Tablets

Feel free to hit me up with any sugetions you might have... otherwise just enjoy the EPICness!

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Rocking update 1.2.1:

- Better compatibility with tablets
* Iconsize "MEGA"
* Fontsize 35-40
* Higher resolution images for LARGE screens with LOW dpi, i.e. tablets
* Reversed screen orientation bugfix for tablets

- Diagrams are now touchable
* New feature
* Resultpoints are now moveable

- Sectiondatabase expansion
* SHS, Square Hollow Section
* RHS, Rectangular Hollow Section

- Tips & Tricks menu
* Info about the features of the User Interface
* Including FIFs such as
> Changeable boudary conditions
> Movable diagrams
> Display optimization procedure
> Longpress icons for additional info
> Rock landscape mode for super fast input method!

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Version 1.0.1 has begun rolling out!

- Improved compatibility with low-resolution android devices
- Increased functionality in preferences
- Revised system stability check

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Now available on Google Play
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