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Cleaning up the circle list, locking things down, even if this shitty shitty software Google made has terrible privacy settings...

Dear Google: if you want to kill off software, kill this piece of shit Google+. Google Reader was your killer app.

How do I unsubscribe a circle? G+ asked me which circles I wanted notifications from, and clearly I got this wrong, and now I can't figure out where to change it.

To anyone who has me in a circle and has made that circle public: please let me know so I can block you, or remove me from that circle.

Of note, I should NOT be in anyone's list of linux/foss/ubuntu people to follow. I quit over a year ago. I am sick of having G+ notifications every day that, when I click on them, is just it notifying that yet another person I don't know is following me. I think many are following me because of those lists, expecting me to say something relevant to open source stuff, and that will not be happening. I have no intention of returning to the open source community.

I'm Mackenzie, and I attend the Friends Meeting of Washington (or "the Florida Avenue meeting"). 

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Sacred Lakota Sioux land is going to be auctioned off. Either the Sioux get it or developers get it and destroy it. Help the Sioux buy back their land!

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IT Manager Daily put together this infographic on Women in Tech.the state of Women in Tech.

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This psychedelic picture of the sun shows what it looks like right before a powerful solar flare is unleashed.

Stunning space photos:

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The judge told the Oracle lawyer that:
- he can program
- he learned Java for the trial
- by the way the 9 lines of code in question took 5 minutes to write

in response to the lawyer's argument that Google's copying of it actually got them to market days earlier and so got them more money.

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Third parties do not primary at the same time as Rep/Dem in Maryland. Green Party members, we're voting on May 12.
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