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Would anyone be interested in discussing the concept that 25% of what we eat keeps us alive, 75% of what we eat, keeps Doctors alive.

The medical field is brilliant in setting broken bones and doing surgery on the anatomy but has no business being in the disease business, if they are not curing people of disease; pills never (generally speaking) cure anyone and always have side effects.

Secondly we are what we eat, if we have an extremely high risk of sometime in our life suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and on and on, it is because we have accepted the premise that letting the food industry feed us is safe instead of deadly. We have been working under the illusion that the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry cared about our safety and welfare instead of just profit.

But then again, who's responsibility is it to put the right gas in our car, who's responsibility is it to put the right fuel in our bodies.
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