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Awsome, I was with the Sara for this visit, Supply. Thanks for uploading´╗┐

Dan Hamon

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Would anyone be interested in discussing the concept that 25% of what we eat keeps us alive, 75% of what we eat, keeps Doctors alive.

The medical field is brilliant in setting broken bones and doing surgery on the anatomy but has no business being in the disease business, if they are not curing people of disease; pills never (generally speaking) cure anyone and always have side effects.

Secondly we are what we eat, if we have an extremely high risk of sometime in our life suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and on and on, it is because we have accepted the premise that letting the food industry feed us is safe instead of deadly. We have been working under the illusion that the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry cared about our safety and welfare instead of just profit.

But then again, who's responsibility is it to put the right gas in our car, who's responsibility is it to put the right fuel in our bodies.´╗┐
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I agree completely, I have been talking about this stuff for years but never really started getting excited about it until I found some workable solutions. My wife's irritable bowel syndrome and sleep apnea and snoring are under control naturally now, as well as my arthritis and tendinitis, mo pain and no side affects, It's amazing what the body can do when it is given the resources to repair itself.

I have seen some good solutions before but never anything so universal and affordable.

Our relationship with food is almost like a psyfi movie. We think we are living this normal secure life and really the food industry, for the most part has no interest in our health, only that they can sell the most of their product possible, by hook or by crook. They understand human physiology enough to capitalize on American malnutrition and addict the population, why don't the doctor's understand it well enough to warn us?

So they fatten us up (literally) for the doctor's who have to give us pills (for the pharmaceutical companies) because instead of curing us, they give us crazy side affects and for some reason, always lead to more and more pills, how many people do you know with 30 bottles of pills?

Great racket, feed us to make us sick, treat us and never cure us, then we get really sick and need more doctors and more pills that never cure.

Finally, we can rebel against the system and fight the systematic malnutrition, obesity and disease of our families.´╗┐
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