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So it's certainly interesting to see the diversity of people adding me to their circles. Half of you I've never met or seen online before - how do you know me, I wonder? Something I've written? I'm genuinely curious to know.
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Yeah I recognise you Mr Betajames. I've accrued about 20-40 people who I quite literally don't believe I have ever encountered online before. I'm sure they're all real and lovely people though (mostly games related - games people are usually pretty good people)
It's definitely a lot less intimidating to + someone up on Google then friend them on facebook. I've hit up every game designer I know...
I added you based on your gaming interests (circle = Gamers). Wanted to get your feeds and thought I might also post something once in a while that would be of interest to you.
You're in my "People Who Wrote 104mb PDFs About Permadeath" circle. It's kind of a small circle.
I've had the same problem. People I have never encountered before have magically found me on Google Plus and are adding me willy-nilly to their circles. I set my profile to not be found in search, so I have no idea how they managed to get me as a result for anything.
I'm getting a severe case of 'I'd like to follow you but not when you post about what you had for breakfast'... (Or slightly worse, if you've every followed Anna Anthropy's Buzz feed :)
I am sure I am one of the people you have never met or even heard of. I am a fan of your writing on games. I have followed you along with many other writers I have never met.

My favorite part about Google + is that the relationships can be asymmetrical, unlike on Facebook. I can follow you, and if you post anything publicly on games I get to follow along. All the while, other than the odd comment, I am basically irrelevant to you.

In essence posting something publicly on Google + is much like a tweet or blog post. I am just trying up follow part of an interesting conversation about games.
Thanks for the comments everyone! This was enlightening.
Pretty sure that many people are just taking an "Add ALL the people" approach to Google+.
you published my Far Cry open letter on TWIVGB, and I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say.
We have mutual friends on Twitter. Also, I listened to the Critical Distance podcasts and found them interesting. And that is how I heard of you monsieur Abraham.
I follow you on Twitter (re: games and things,) and G+ seems a popular place for longer-than-140-characters-but-not-preconceived-blog-post content.
Your "Rhetorical Questions" blog post may be the first I read. It rubbed me the wrong way and wasn't entirely convincing, but certainly piqued an interest in your view on these things.
You're that intern from Suparna Galaxy, right?
Years of pseudonyms are suddenly peeled away by Google+. Weird how the internet evolves~ (also ZZT)
I followed you because I wanted to see G+ in action and you seem like the kind of person whose behavior would exemplify the habits of a heavy social media user...which is just a fancy way of saying you like to talk. ;-)

Plus, you're a cool dude!