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We implemented this free "Time to Read" jQuery plugin on one of our company's blogs. Plugin developed by our +Sasha Matijasic, it's free under MIT license. 
Here, a Free  'Time to Read' jQuery Plugin for Your Blog For Displaying How Many Minutes It Takes Your Readers to Read Your Post

Our +Sasha Matijasic wrote a little jQuery plugin for our blog. It displays the following on our blog post details: 

Time to Read: x Minutes

See it in action:

The plugin counts the number of words within a <div> you point it to, rounds it up and displays the number on your website, rounded up to 15 seconds.

You can configure the reading speed and the formatter function to your liking.

The plugin is intended to be used by a web designer or a web developer.

Why Display Time to Read on Your Blog?

We're all busy and by providing this information, you're telling your readers that you care about their time. Different people will make different decisions based on this information. Some might save your article for later, some might decide on the spot that they want to invest 4 minutes in your article, some might leave immediately.

Whatever your readers do, giving more valuable information to help your readers decide is the right thing to do.
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logIT has a new team member! +Dario Šuler is our new internet marketing specialist and he will be working closely with +Marko Radelic in our Zagreb office on challenges involving advanced Google AdWords and Google Analytics wisdom. Welcome Dario!
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Thanks boys and girls, I'll do my best to keep up with the challenges 
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Douglas Crockford will be speaking in Osijek, Croatia on May 9-10 2014 at the Geek Gathering Developers Conference. We'll be there.
Discover new tricks and secrets about JavaScript, design, UX, cloud computing, databases, big data, Internet of things, Web application security and hybrid Web development that will get you excited. Interact with your fellow programmers, attend hands-on workshops, experience Osijek and don't forget to party.

Dev Talks, rock concerts, retrogaming, parties. Who wants more than that? Admission tickets are 130 EUR at the moment, regular price is 250 EUR, so hurry. 

Find the conference on Twitter:
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This is +Simpfinity, a software product for organizing digital agencies we're working on right now. Sign up at to read our exclusive and original articles about organizing a digital agency business and to be notified of our launch.
Simpfinity is a web app with a simple (but not easy) mission: to organize all work processes in a digital agency business using only one application

With Simpfinity you'll be able to organize and manage your creative team's daily workload. You 'll be able to create sales proposals, invoices, a services database, a client database, assign work through tickets in projects and set up a central helpdesk integrated with your email so you can receive clients' requests and answer them from one central place.  
Sign up by email to get notified about our launch and to read our exclusive weekly articles about organizing your business:

#projectmanagement   #salesprocess   #marketingprocess   #support   #webdevelopment   #webagency   #softwaredevelopment  
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Patio11 (Patrick Mckenzie od HN fame) is awesome, marketers of the world: weep! "It is hard to build a successful business when you're getting out-hustled by the Girl Scouts. You're a highly educated software entrepreneur with the entire Internet marketing apparatus at your disposal. They're seven-year-olds selling cookies. And they're outselling you probably 28 days out of the month, assuming you're on your A game those two days that they're at ballet practice."
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The devs on our team sent this to the marketers on our team this morning. Do you think they're trying to tell them something? :)
A little dev fun on a Friday afternoon never hurt nobody.
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How to decide whether a task is worth deleting, outsourcing, delegating or actually doing.
"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." ~ Robert Heinlein
This is my art of positive laziness, my way to identify stupid tasks so I could stop doing them and achieve more. I made this image for a 2010 post of mine which you probably didn't read:

I've been in the #productivity  mindset lately, I'm thinking about how to help digital agencies be more profitable and do more meaningful work by working less. This is maybe one way to go about it.

This post is my original content. If you'd like to be
personally notified when I publish more like this,
say so in the comments to this post and I'll add you
to my special subscribers circle. Thank you :)

#luckyisgood #blogplus

(notification/email disclaimer: you're receiving this because you personally requested that I notify you when I post original content. Just let me know if you want to stop receiving notifications from me.)
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We are hiring - Google AdWords Executive
Workplace is based in our Zagreb office and candidate must be fluent in Croatian
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This January 2014 our company celebrates its 12th birthday :) We still remember what internet was like in 2002 when we started:

Mozilla Firefox browser was first released.
RIM released the first BlackBerry smartphone.
Napster files for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Creative Commons flexible copyright is introduced.
eBay acquires PayPal for $1.5 billion.*

Care to share your interesting story from 2002 with us?

*This event put many millions of dollars in the pockets of one man nobody ever heard of at the time, and who would later become "the real-life Iron Man" of the 21st century: Elon Musk.

//Creative Commons Image license:
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A perfect reason to blog on Google+: don't you think +Mike Elgan that this new ad format is a great boost for the "Google+ as a blogging platform" idea?

Potential use case for companies: 
1. Write an awesome post on Google+. 
2. Let it attract a decent initial social interaction.
3. Promote the post as a +Post on Google Display Network (GDN).
4. Achieve massive reach with insane social potential.
5. Convert strangers on GDN to Google+ Page followers.
6. Increase your business' influence and grow sales.
7. Rinse and repeat.

Strangers from GDN converted directly to Google+ Page fans: the future will prove or disprove whether this would be one of the best ways to invest our advertising dollars.

I mean, nobody is stopping us from advertising individual web blog posts on GDN like this, but web blogs just don't have the virality potential of one Google+. Right?
Google+ still doesn't have ads. But, Google+ posts can now be turned into display ads that will show across the web on other sites, through the Google Display Network.
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Tagline is a Python & Django Web Development and Web Optimization Consultancy From Croatia, EU (established in 2002)
Introduction is an experienced web consultancy doing three things:
  1. WEB DEVELOPMENT: Python, Django, Django CMS
  2. WEB OPTIMIZATION: Website & online business reviews
  3. GOOGLE APPS: setup, migration, training, consulting


We ditched PHP in 2009 and focused exclusively on building reliable Python & Django powered websites, using modern software development practices.

Our clients are: 
- developers looking to outsource some of their work
- web designers looking for experienced programmers
- entrepreneurs who need a custom, realiable website


If your online business is experiencing low traffic and/or poor conversion to leads and sales, we can help. Our main web optimization product is an expert review / audit report, which reveals exactly why, where, what and how to fix the problems your business is having online.


Businesses are migrating their office apps, email and business documents into the cloud. We've done so ourselves in 2009 and became Google Apps Authorized Resellers.  We can introduce Google Apps into your company by migrating your email, data and apps into the cloud and by training your staff to properly use 21st century productivity tools.

★ logIT Core Team 

We formed tight partnerships with several agencies in our area who help us deliver great web projects.


We hang out in our Web Professionals Discuss Business community. You're welcome to join!

★ SIMPFINITY: OUR SOFTWARE PRODUCT FOR ORGANIZING DIGITAL AGENCY BUSINESSES is a web application we've built ourselves to run sales, project management and client support in our own agency business. 

Now we're working on turning Simpfinity into an all-in-one software product others will be able to use, especially marketing agencies, web development studios and software consultancies. Follow Simpfinity Google+ page.
Contact Information
Contact info
+385 1 3773 062
Granice 8 HR-10000 Zagreb Croatia, EU