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Leah Ward
working mom mostly staying afloat
working mom mostly staying afloat
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I've been incorporating Bullet Journal elements into a Passion Planner for the last several months, and while I like it, I need more room. So last week, I ordered a Leuchtturm and, womp womp, I HATE IT! The paper is too thin, and my Papermate Flairs show through too much! Anyone have a recommendation for a different notebook?

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Has anyone successfully used the Moleskine Taskmaster? ( I'm intrigued, but so far I have resisted the siren call because I don't know what to do with collections. In my job, I manage a lot (A LOT!) of projects at a time, almost all of which span multiple weeks. Right now, I'm managing about 10 projects and have a collection (at least one page) devoted to each. I can't find any information re: whether the Taskmaster has extra blank pages I could use for collections. Perhaps I could also tote around a Cahier exclusively devoted to collections? I'm not sure what my question is here, but if anyone has input or ideas, I'm all ears!

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Here's my take on a time ladder. (Mock-up because my day job comes with a lot of confidentiality obligations.) Next tag the right Jackie Enders. Wish me luck.

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Any other ARC/Levenger users out there? I've hopped around from notebook to notebook since starting bullet journaling in April. A few weeks ago, I started using an ARC notebook. I thought I'd love it, but I'm a little underwhelmed! Just wondered if any other ARC/bujo-ers are out there to give me some encouragement by sharing what's worked for them.
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