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Leland Luster
"_) Instrumental Boogie Music On The Way, Leland Luster
"_) Instrumental Boogie Music On The Way, Leland Luster

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"_) Workin on!

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"Don't Fear The Reaper" "_)

By Jim Finkle
US warns on Java software as security concerns escalate

+Sara Corbin If you're out there somewhere; I just wanted to tell you how much I Enjoyed Your Hosting  on tonights "In The Spotlight" Feathering Lizzy Spit (who's great). Please bring your Talented Self into "Live Musician's Share" circle. Are all those guitars in back of you, yours? SWEET "_)

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This Song Video Really makes me think...

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WOW!!! XLNT Photo Log, almost unbelievable.
Summer Down Under - 31 photos - - Continuing my recent theme on weather, while those of us in the north are bundling up against the cold these days, Australia is experiencing a historic summer heat wave. Many records are being broken as temperatures climbed as high as 43 degrees C (109.4F) in Sydney. The extreme conditions have triggered dust storms and raging wildfires, burning more than 750,000 acres, and destroying hundreds of homes.
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"_) LOL!!! 

Good Night Everyone Sleep tight and comphy, wake up "Feelin Great" "_)

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Gotta Admit...I Love "Star Trek" and Gene Roddenberry for Creating It. My favorite was Juan Luke Pickard (Enterprize 111Captain), and his encounter's with the "Q". "_) Happy 2013 All.

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Thanx +Ryan Van Sickle for the share. "_) Happy 2013 Bro
How to dramatically increase your engagement on Google+ (VIDEO)
This is possibly one of my most important 'tips' video tutorials!
I've spent many hours adjusting my Google+ posts and learned some neat things that help to increase engagement.
Contents include...
The myth that people have more engagement with high numbers of followers
Relatable content
Optimizing titles
The image matters
How to respond to +1s by drawing people in
Replying to people
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