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Inquiry Unit Plan Reflection
Through this inquiry unit, students are able to gain
understandings and apply their knowledge as to how they can actively
participate and contribute to their society as a responsible citizen of Canada. As our lessons provide several strategies for
students ...

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Social Justice Theme
As our culminating inquiry project focuses on “People and Environments: The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship” using “How is a responsible citizen created in Canada?” as our key inquiry question,  t he prior lesson and culminating inquiry proje...

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Critical Literacy for Citizenship Role Lesson
lesson is based on the big idea that to be active and effective citizens,
Canadians need to understand their rights and responsibilities as well as how
governments work. The curriculum expectation that is being addressed is from
the strand “People and ...

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Book Talk
When planning instruction, l esson/Unit organization can be based upon the following factors: Theme or Survey: Organizing instruction around a historical or contemporary event (ex. A local election) or phenomenon, a place (local, national or international) ...

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Letter to Parents
January 27, 2015 Hello Parent/Guardian! My name is Fadia Mamo and I am
the instructor for the grade eight social studies class this year.  I am happy to welcome you and your child to
my classroom this year.  I am very
excited to dive into the new curriculum...

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If he can do can YOU!

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A New Type of Civic Engagement: The Digital Revolution
This was a recent topic which was brought up in a social studies classroom experience that I was observing. There is a large held notion that youth nowadays are disengaged from civic activism... but is that truly the case? When posting anything online, we c...

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My Philosophy of Tech‐enhanced Teaching
Animoto  is building my understanding of 21 st  Century learning design (21CLD) as it is a form of expressing my beliefs with  regards  to  teaching  with technology.  Learning With Technology

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Hello Students and Parents! I hope you found the last activity a uniq ue learning experience. We have been learning much about media literacy and the importance of critical reflections within the media. For this week, we are going to work with Tellagami; a ...

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Story Bird
Hello students! In Language this week, we learned about narrative stories. For your Language activity (due in two weeks), you are required to log in to Story bird and build a narrative where you can create a story of your choosing. Make sure you narrative h...
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