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Harold Hart
Technoid, widower, father, grandfather, son, and friend.
Technoid, widower, father, grandfather, son, and friend.

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From a 2010 post on the web...interesting- too bad their website isn't available 

One thing I appreciate about iOS 8.1 and my iPhone 6 plus ---awesome battery life! Day started at 5:45 am off the wall charger and its 8:08 pm with 70% charge remaining. What's your one thing?

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I just started getting back into watching "Know How" and Iyaz and PadreSJ are doing an awesome job. KH 68 was a good balance of fun and learning. Iyaz has turned into a really polished host and slowed his fast "New York styled" delivery to keep folks better engaged. I never really had a problem with his speed, since I'm from NJ, but it's really about the broader audience, right? lol - PadreSJ (Father Robert) is a natural and the segments he has done on "Before You Buy" are very high production value and I believe dead on target for most of the audience. +Lisa Kentzell keep up the good work and I appreciate the challenge you face in balancing the inspiring founder of TWiT and the growth of the company. All the best, let's rock 2014!!

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Just curious (1) has this already been discussed/reviewed on NO Agenda Show and (2) has anyone looked at the 10 episodes on Showtime that is currently being aired? I've looked at all 10 episodes and a lot of what JCD and ACC discuss relative to US History is validated in the documentary.

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Why the term "common sense" is total bull crap...

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Laser to shoot down
The U.S. Navy has debuted ship-mounted lasers that can shoot down enemy drones. Learn more about this and 9 other techno-awesome innovations in Top 10 Tech This Week:

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Hello, I am a tech savvy reliability engineering geek with quality management and project management experience.

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