Theme Showcase Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Individual theme components (bootanimation, icons, etc) can be submitted. They will show up in their respective browsing category

Get the new theme engine official theme template:

Want your stuff included on the Theme Showcase? Here's EVERYTHING you need to know and do:

What you need to submit:
- Theme APK
- Overview image
- Detail image(s)
- Theme info

Overview Images:
Most important is the image that will appear in the showcase "Browse" list. There are strict rules about what can be in your overview image. Please see the attached "Theme Listing Outline" PDF for instructions.

Additionally, there should be separate overview images for each browsing category (e.g. Icons, Style, etc) that show only that particular feature. Some categories do not require overview images. See the guideline PDF for more details

Templates have been provided in Adobe Illustrator format for creating these images.

Detail Images:
These are screenshots of your theme content. Each image should show unique content for your theme content. See the PDF for further instructions.

Theme info:
Title - Your theme's name
Author - Your name
Package Name - Your package's namespace on the Play Store (e.g. com.flux.theme.flux)
Store Price - Cost on Play Store (if free, leave blank)
Version - Version string (e.g. "1.5.2")
versionCode - Current version code for Play Store listing (e.g. "25")
Description - A one to three sentence description of your theme. (e.g. "GreatFreedom is a theme that is stylishly designed with solid colors, I tried to keep it as close to stock CM as possible apart from the icons.")
Tags - Metatags for your theme (e.g. "60+ icons, Blacked out")
Features - A list of CM-engine features your theme supports. Valid features are: STYLE, WALLPAPER, LOCKSCREEN, FONTS, ICONS, BOOTANIMATION, SOUNDS

For now, you can submit all of the above to
Please include "Theme Showcase Application" in the subject line of your email.


Fill out the following form:

In the future we hope to have a robust web-based submission process

Don't hesitate to leave any questions in the comments.

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