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Frank Spychalski
espresso addict, software engineer & outdoor geek
espresso addict, software engineer & outdoor geek


Back on the Te Araroa and moving faster than ever.

Rented a MTB for today (well, an old wrack that hasn't seen maintenance in years) and per chance picked a trail that's part of the TA.

Somehow NZ feels like a huge outdoor entertainment pack.

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Seeing 'Skyfall' in a cool cinema on the best seats in the house: front row couches. Right now movie break for freshly baked cookies. Kiwis are cool.

Feeling like a proper geek again: got a NZ SIM and data package.

I'm being stalked by a group of Australians

It began last week Wednesday, when I passed a group of young hikers on my way to Speargrass hut in the Nelson Lakes area, where I stopped for lunch. While I was enjoying the sun the group also arrived and we had a nice chat. They were Australians studying to become outdoor guides and this was their final trip.

They were talking about a haka demonstration in the evening, so I decided to hang around and have some company. After 6 lonely nights in the Richmond Range this sounded like fun and it was (videos will be uploaded to YouTube once I'm home). For the next day I decided to change my plan and do a detour over Angulus hut to get to Sabine hut while the students took the shorter direct route.

Another fun evening (table bouldering, I still have bruises more than a week later) proved that it was a good idea to change my plan.

Next morning we said our good-byes, I headed back to St.Arnaud to find a way down to Boyle Village.

The next day I tried to hitch-hike to Boyle village, while I was standing in the rain a car going the other direction stopped and some of the students waved. They weren't going to Boyle, so no help. After some time I found a ride and after another hop I made it to Murchison. There I stood in the rain for another 2 hours until I decided to call it a day and checked into the Lazy Cow backpacker. An hour or two later, a car stops outside the hostel, front door opens, and the Aussies check in which guaranteed another fun evening.

Fast forward a week, I went back to Picton, got a rental, hiked & paddled Abel Tasman and then drove to Boyle (remember, my original destination) to hike the St.James Walkway (unrelated rant: this is not a 5 day hike, this is barely a 3 day hike, great views, new huts, but a bit boring). So this morning I was on my last section, the last 7km to Lewis Pass, and by now you can probably guess who crossed my path once more: the Aussies.

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Added photos to Hiking the Te araroa.

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Hiking the Te araroa

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AWESOME! Hope I get to see this!

Bags packed ✔
Checked in ✔
Apartment ok ✔
Final change list submitted ✔
Auto-responder set ✔

Good-bye Munich winter, hello NZ summer ;-)

Hope I can write some updates every few days - if you don't hear from me for a week or two, it's too late to call SAR.

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October 31, 2012 (7 photos)
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Well done!
Based on the peer feedback I got, I reiterated on the meme.

Lyrics: +Florian Forster
Creative Consultant: +Frank Spychalski 
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