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Hello out there! Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been hibernating & it was a long winter. Ohh, how I've longed for warm breezes & bunnies hopping through my yard. The weather is finally breaking & I've tried to make the most of it. I went for a run, ...

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Indoor Trees
My humans needed a talking to today. They went out for a bit this morning, and when they came home, they brought a tree inside. I insisted they take it back outside immediately, but they shooed me away and told me to settle down. Maybe no one has ever told ...

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Fall Cleaning With B
Hello? He-lloooo? Are you awake? Mmmm are you awake? Can you see me from up there? I will just press my nose to your cheek so you know I'm here. Ohh, oh good you're waking up. Hi. Let's be awake together. It's 4:30, we should go downstairs. We're wasting th...

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Halloween Treat
I liked it... in one bite.

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My New Home
Hi everyone! I've moved all the way to Illinois. I'm a Chicago pup now, and I want to share my new life with you all (but mostly my brothers). When I first came to the Land of Lincoln, I had so many new things to smell. Just when I think I've sniffed it all...
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