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The institutionalized violence against transgender people shocks and sickens me, over and over again. Earth to everyone: someone dressing (wearing their hair, painting their face, walking their walk, using their voice) in a way that confuses or even disgusts you is not a crime punishable by death.
"On the morning of Aug. 29, an off-duty Washington, DC Metro police officer fired five times into a car whose passengers included three transgender women. Three of the passengers were injured, one critically, in the second instance of anti-trans violence by an off duty DC Metro police officer in the past nine months."

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Revisions to documentation of the G+ names policy just came out. This spells out a bunch of the policy elements they've been (inconsistently) enforcing, but doesn't represent a substantive change to the policy.

One thing that's actually new:
Name Changes
Please note that if you change your name, you won’t be able to change it again for 30 days.

I don't know if this policy was already in effect when I changed my name from "Spartacus" back to "Rachel" earlier today as planned; I also don't know whether that 30-day timer applies to name changes made before today. But if they've actually implemented this, being Spartacus just for a weekend is no longer possible.

JB Segal and Alan Wexelblat have both been suspended for the Spartacus thing -- JB found out as he was coming in to change it back.

I am Spartacus.

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Thanks for picking up the ball on this one, JB.

Time: Friday, August 5 at 2:00pm - August 8 at 11:00am
Location: Google+
Created By: JB Segal

+Vic Gundotra's (Senior Vice-President of Social for Google) pseudonym policies are inane, wrong-headed, and potentially dangerous. Change your profile name (On G+. On FB. Wherever.) in solidarity with everyone who doesn't want to use their legal name on G+ for whatever reason - or to have to associate their common nickname (theoretically allowed) with their legal name.

This idea originated with +Rachel Kadel-Garcia

I WANT G+ to... succeed. I want Goog to remember "Don't be evil".

Warning, this could get your G+ account suspended - rumor says it could get your gmail account suspended, too. This is less likely to be true, but who knows. You may want to back everything up using the data liberation tools 1st.

(For everyone who either isn't on G+ yet, or isn't paying any attention to the issue, I'll add links discussing the issues to the event wall later.)

(Yes, I'm making a G+ event on FB. G+ doesn't do events yet, and that's ok as it's only a month or so old.)

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"+1" in the sense of "additional rage".
Two Harvard researchers think placing fat kids in foster care is a smart move, "for their own good". Obviously, neither of them are psychologists. I blogged about it on Two Whole Cakes.

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Hooray for the fixing of things.

As of this morning it appears that, if you "disable reshare" on a limited post, +mentions in comments (either by the original poster or by anyone else) no longer grant access to parties that did not originally have access to the post.

The original poster can still add people to the conversation by editing the post itself and +mentioning people.

This is a fix in the behavior I described on July 7 in this post:, and addresses most of the privacy concerns I outline there. I've verified the new behavior in a test with +Trey Harris this morning.

Thanks to everyone on the Google+ team and community that helped get this fixed in a timely manner.

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Weightlifting Organization Modifies Clothing Rule for Muslim Woman
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