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Web application development for the horse business.
Web application development for the horse business.

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"My photos of the horses look muddy after I upload them," worried Faye.

As Carol McWhirter's web developer, I had set up an uploader utility for her photographer, Faye Zmek, to use for uploading photos she had taken of Carol's Quarter Horses. We were helping Carol and Dan ( prepare for their dispersal sale in 2010, and there was lots of work to be done by everyone from the farm hands to the auctioneer, +Alan Parker Auctions

Because I was using Firefox for web browsing, I was unable to understand what Faye was concerned about. Then I thought of taking a look with Internet Explorer, and with it I was able to see what Faye was seeing. Instead of the horses' coat colors shining brightly, they looked dull.

I was clueless about what was causing the problem, so I went Googling, and what I learned was that the color profile that Faye used to process the photos with Adobe Lightroom was not supported by all web browsers. Once advised of that, Faye used a different color profile, with satisfactory results.

In the year since then, most of the web browsers have undergone upgrades. Internet Explorer 9 supports the expanded color profile of Adobe RGB just fine. At this time, however, Chrome 15.0.8* does not; which gives me an opportunity to demonstrate the difference to you.

I took a screenshot of an example shown on this site:
as it appears with Chrome 15.0.8*, so you can see that the image on the left looks muddy and dull compared to the image on the right.

If you look at the original example on the tutorial page with IE 9 or Firefox, you will not see very much difference.

Take into account that if your target audience for your website is horse owners, that they may not be tech savvy and may not have up-to-date browser versions. You may wish to make sure your photos will look bright and clear in older browsers too.

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Google Does Not Read Your Emails

"But how else do they know what kind of advertising to put on my Gmail pages?"

Google's advertising is all done via programming. No human being at Google looks at your Gmail messages. It is pretty amazing what they can do with programming to personalize their advertising so that it may give you the impression that it was especially targeted just to appeal to you.

As a web developer, trust me on this. :)

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User Interface / UI / UX / vs SEO

I think this article makes an interesting connection between User Interface Design and Search Engine Optimization.

As one who specializes in the "backend" code of a site, I say, Designers and SEO people, tell me what you want, and I will make it so. :)

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How a Web Developer Can Make Your Site More Interactive and Dynamic

A web developer can set up many website tasks to be automated. For example, there are many nice, free forum scripts available that can be installed on your website. Some of them include code to email your users when there are new posts, and some do not.

A friend of mine wanted his forum users to receive alerts about new posts, so I wrote a very simple script for that. I made a new table to archive post ids and when they are inserted. The script checks for new posts, checks who has posted previously in those threads, and then sends emails to those users to let them know there are new messages.

Get the script and others I have written at the link below.

Keywords: Web development Horse business PHP scripts

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Do the people you hire work for YOUR Horse Business, or do they make you work for THEM?

A lot of webmasters, designers, photographers, and video producers who do freelance work for horse owners, horse breeders, and horse trainers, seem to look upon their clients as "meat on the hoof." They slap their own advertising all over the work you pay them for, and they may even retain the copyrights to it.

Before entering into a contract with any business or freelancer, make sure you understand who retains which rights to which parts of the work, in advance.

For example, consider a video to be used to promote your stallion at service. You WANT that video to be seen by as many horse lovers and mare owners as possible! The best thing that could happen would be for your video to "go viral," and be shared all over the internet!

So, let's say that you commission a video of your stallion, and that it does become very popular. Let's assume that so many people are so impressed by your stallion's beauty and talent that they copy the video and show it on their own websites. They are not claiming to have made the video; they are not claiming to own your stallion. They simply are saying, "Look at this beautiful horse!"

Then the person who edited the video comes along and demands that the video be pulled from all sites except his and yours, because he retained the copyright. Right then and there, the advertising effectiveness of the video has been greatly reduced!

Promotional videos of horses for sale and stallions at service should not be looked upon as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, no matter how artsy-craftsy they are. Their primary purpose is to promote your horse! They should be thought of as a commercial, not an Academy Award contender.

Some equine photographers also retain very strict copyrights on the photos they take of your horse. One of my Quarter Horse breeder clients will pay a premium fee to purchase the copyright of a photo, so that she has all rights to reproduce it. When you engage the services of a photographer, you will want to be sure you understand what limits the photographer is placing on their copyright of the photos. Some photographers charge an additional fee for each time a photo is reproduced in print, on the web, or used in a video.

As a web developer, I retain the copyright to code that I write that runs the "backend" of a website, unless other arrangements are negotiated. However, clients are welcome and encouraged to retain HTML copies (all publicly visible pages) of their sites.

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The EntrepreManures - Web Development for the Horse Business
Let us lighten your load. ;)

Want to make your website more engaging for your customers?

Would you like for your website to be dynamic and simple to update?

How about Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ apps for your site?

Do you need coding or programming? Database design?

I am a web developer who specializes in serving the horse and equine industry. I am happy to work with your current webmaster to upgrade the "backend" of your site. I can write a content management system (CMS) for you, or adapt an existing script set such as Word Press, Drupal, Joomla, and Php-Fusion.
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