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Fabulous Male Birds! Masters of Fashion, Song & Dance!
Discover the reasons male birds are so gorgeous! How pretty are these goldfinches, especially the males! Wild Bird Fun for Everyone! Cornell Lab of Ornithology unravels the mystery with a fun, informative, interactive series of videos and quizzes designed t...

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Drama at the bird feeder!
Ever wonder why some birds fly away when others approach?  It's not just about the amount of room at the feeders, it's about the 'who's who' and their rank within the bird feeder territory! Here's a short video from All About Birds that illustrates this hie...

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Attract More Birds to Your Yard: Build a Brush Pile for Wildlife
  Brush Piles Are Awesome! I am very fortunate to live in the woods!  Here is my newest brush pile, which includes lots of small branches and saplings that have fallen in windstorms, or just because they didn't receive enough natural light.  The leaves are ...

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Weird Names of Groups of Birds!
Names of Groups of Birds from Old English, Latin and Greek originating more
than 500 years ago Ever heard of any of these?  I knew about the murmuration of starlings and the brood of hens, bevy of quail, but the rest were new to me! bevy of quail colony of ...

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My Beautiful Blue Garden Surprise!
Much to my surprise, a tall plant with dark blue buds suddenly appeared in
my garden in early May.  I never planted
it, so the birds must have done it for me! 
I watched it grow taller, and eagerly awaited the blooming of the many
flowers along the branched...

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Beautiful Moth Identified
This is the beautiful 'Io' Moth that I found in my backyard this morning! The eyespots are meant to confuse and distract any bird or other animal trying to make a meal of it.  This is the female, while the male is very yellow in coloring. Here's a look at t...

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Paton's Birder Hummingbird Haven Saved!
Hummingbird Haven successfully protected  Violet-Crowned Hummingbird thanks to the American Bird Conservancy, and an international fundraising campaign, which acquired and has turned over to the Tucson Audubon Society, Paton’s Birder Haven located in Patago...

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Starthroat Hummingbirds and More from Colombia
Hummingbirds and Lots of Other Birds Migrate from Colombia Every Year! Long-Billed  Starthroat Hummingbird This beautiful Hummingbird's breeding range is in Mexico and Panama, but it is typically found in Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and other South American C...

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Male Northern Oriole Just Arrived--Thin and Hungry!
I am always amazed at the beauty of Northern Orioles, not just for their physical appearance, but for their lyrical songs and enchanting call notes.  They have honored me once again with their presence in my yard after a long migratory journey from South Am...
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