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see when Paul went into Rome to teach the gospel... there were certain Roman nobles that were in attendance to Paul's teachings... the nobles like what they heard but knew that Nero who was Roman Emperor from 54 to 68, and the last in the Julio-Claudian dynasty. would not allow them to practice Christians in it,s purest form. Nero was rumored to have had captured Christians dipped in oil and set on fire in his garden at night as a source of light. This view is based on the writings of Tacitus, Suetonius and Cassius Dio, the main surviving sources for Nero's reign, but a few surviving sources paint Nero in a more favorable light. anyways, these nobles liked what Paul was saying so much that they decided to start their own church! knowing the hate from Nero for Christians they had to change it up! thus the roman catholic church was born... a perversion of the true teachings of Paul! so i hope this helps put you on a path to true righteousness! catholics are not Christians! if you made it this far God Bless you my friend! Show less
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