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Steve McNiven-Scott
Telerik\Sitefinity e-fan-galist (it's like an evangalist but you don't get paid)
Telerik\Sitefinity e-fan-galist (it's like an evangalist but you don't get paid)


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I cannot find the docs to tell me the difference between these (Document backend)

Had a client ask and I've honestly never noticed this before (needed to do multiple urls for a doc)

Has anyone been able to tweak the emails sent from SF Form submissions (on demand)

The problem we have is that since the I guess subject is the same, gmail and other mail apps will like thread new messages together, so even though the form is sent by 30 separate people, it's confusingly grouped into a single message in a mail client.

Can I somehow like add the date or something to the subject... anyone had to do this?

Can any Eveliko peeps hit me up about gathercontent plugin compatibility on v10?

+Pavel Donchev​ perhaps? 😁

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Html.Raw not resolving RadEditor media src links

Had a user report images not showing up on the frontend. They were right, the img src was just the OpenAccess Id, unresolved. I thought SF implemented their own Html.Raw that handled\parsed all these links?

Found this article

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Would like some votes to expose this issue, should be a bug not a feature request.

Basically every social user who logs into your instance has their profile pic downloaded into sitefinity into an invisible library, and you can't turn it off.

50,000 users log in, you store 50,000 images in the filesystem\db (mediaitem records)

Honestly we get the direct url, why can't it just store and use that.

Trying to track down a daily issue where the users just get timed out around like 9am (give or take).

Nothing seems to be happening to the server or db itself... my next thought is maybe a search index taking it out, anyone know offhand where to check the timings on that, are those logged?

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I know there's GOTTA be one azure nerd here :) I have a client with a question and I have never used azure OR the SF video library.

"Get video frame" doesn't seem to work for azure in 9.2, whats the trick here? How does the user specify the thumb, is it done in azure... or?

Do we have an api yet to search "all" providers in a single query or we're still stuck loading separate manager instances for each provider?

Has anyone been able to edit the insane pluralization of the Module builder? I have a root (parent) module called "Opportunities" with a child called "Research" but it changes it to "Researches" in the menu 0_o

Is this easily editable anywhere?
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