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Stephen Millard
I'm a hard working ICT professional with interests in the martial arts.
I'm a hard working ICT professional with interests in the martial arts.


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With the move to synchronise via TextExpander's own sync service rather than a generic service like Dropbox we're now a step removed from the snippet files. There is an option to export a single snippet group (and import one from file) in TextExpander's menu on the Mac, but what if you want to do it en masse?

Why would you want to do that? Well ...
* Maybe you want to create an independent backup.
* Maybe you ran the new version trial and want to go back to an earlier version of TextExpander?
* Maybe you want to share a dozen of your snippet groups with one or more users who are on older versions of TextExpander?
* Maybe you're offline from the Internet and about to do some editing you want an on the fly backup for?
* Maybe ... because you can?

I'm too lazy to do the exporting manually each time (I currently have over 30 snippet groups) and my Mac just loves doing automation (or I imagine it does anyway) so I created an AppleScript to do it. It has options to do a single refreshing backup, multiple (date/time based saving) backups or similar but placing the files in a ZIP file.

You can of course run the script ad hoc, schedule it or a combination of the two. Whatever meets an individual's particular needs.

In case anyone else is interested in the script and can make use of it, here's where I've written it up -

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If you make use of temporary snippets in #TextExpander and use a Mac then my post today on how to automate some of the management of those temporary snippets may be of interest.

Hi everyone.

I use a Mac (and IOS) for personal stuff and a PC at work. Currently I use AutoHotKey to carry out text expansion on my PC but I'm a little fed up of then manually keeping useful snippets in line across devices. I'm interested in potentially adding an alternative on the Windows side that will automatically (and safely) sync snippets (via Dropbox) with TextExpander.

I've seen a few software options online but couldn't see a clear leader (they actually looked to contradict each other in places) and I wondered what recommendations people here had.

My basic considerations are below but I'm interested in extras and opinions I may not have considered.

1) Basic text expansion is a must.
2) Bidirectional auto sync is a must.
3) Form fields would be great but not totally essential.
4) JavaScript compatibility would be awesome.
5) Price is a consideration - cost benefit, etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I've just posted an update for some of my TextExpander snippet groups.  They cover quite a few different things so perhaps there's something there that you may find useful?

Dates (42 snippets)
Snippets to insert formatted dates and time stamps.

Miscellaneous (1 snippet)
This is where I'm dumping snippets that don't fit neatly into another group, so just one lonely snippet in here right now.

Shell Commands (18 snippets)
Snippets to automate getting information via some automation around executing shell commands on OS X.

Symbols (45 snippets)
Snippets to insert various useful symbols (typographic, mathematical, etc.).

Text (42 snippets)
Snippets to process and format text.  Either working with fill-ins or more frequently the clipboard, these snippets will transform tour text in a variety of very useful ways.

TextExpander (3 snippets)
Snippets that use the AppleScript-ability of TextExpander to return information about or work with TextExpander.  A very "meta" snippet group.  Because this is AppleScript focussed, the snippets in this group will not function on iOS.

Web (25 snippets)
Snippets based on working with web technologies (such as HTML), external web services or even your web browser.

There's detailed documentation on some (some others to follow), but everything has at least some sort of rudimentary description on the group's page on my site to let you know what the snippet does.

As with anything like this, there's no warranty and use at your own risk, but they do seem to work for me so hopefully they'll work for you too.

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Do you host or attend meetings?  Maybe there's something in my latest blog post on LinkedIn that can help you out?

#productivity   #bettermeetings   #effective   #effectiveness  
Can you have better meetings? I saw a lot of posts recently with an infographic about effective meetings ... I think I have some better ideas and posted my analysis and alternatives.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts and tips for better meetings. 

#productivity   #productivitytips   #meetings  
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Laziness and productivity may not seem like perfect bed fellows on first inspection, but in my latest LinkedIn blog post I'll being exploring my lazy mind-set and how it makes me more productive.

#Productivity   #productivitytips   #productivitytricks   #linkedin  
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What do you want?  What do they want?  Find out ....
Do you know what people want from you?  Do you know what you want from others?  Well in my latest blog post on LinkedIn I list the three things I think it boils down to and give some suggestions as to how knowing these, you can turn it to your advantage.

#Communication   #Negotiation   #Tips   #LinkedIn  
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Got my invitation to Jolicloud 2 beta! Get yours! #housewarming
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My latest LinkedIn blog post is now up.  In this one I'm discussing something that will be familiar to anyone who I've taught Jiu Jitsu to.  "You learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.

#Mistake   #failure   #Success   #Learning  
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My latest LinkedIn article is now up.  I share a valuable life lesson from my first Jiu Jitsu instructor.
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