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too derivative...

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in case nobody's noticed, i don't use g+ because i don't care. i already monitor songkick, reverbnation, myspace (yep, even there), twitter (lame), bandcamp, and three facebook accounts. screw google.

i've forgotten about this google plus shit... to be quite frank, i'm cooling on social networking in general, but kinda have to use it for musical purposes. bleh...

now accepting free seahawks tickets.

"my forehead is bumpin' man... ", "now that you mention it, i think i'm bleedin' inside my chest..."

i thought that my job interview with the social networking site went well last thursday... i applied tuesday, was contacted wednesday, and interviewed the day after. so, assuming i did well, i wonder when i'll hear back; i had an interview yesterday, as well, very quick and concise, and was told i should hear back for the second round post-screening interviews... i sure hope one of these pans out. any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated :)

job interview in ninety minutes, phone interview this afternoon... gonna need fuel (caffeine).

a momentary reprieve from face-explody... hopefully, it'll be long enough to whip jeff's ass again on the ps2.

so it's come to this...

i dreamed of doing my arnold impression for arnold. he laughed, and then proceeded to blow up my garage. weird.

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