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ScriptListener missing from Photoshop CS6

This plug-in was installed with previous versions of Photoshop.
Even though this plug-in increases Photoshop's functionality, Most users don't use it t, so it is an optional installation for Photoshop CS6.

This is how to install the ScriptingListener Plug-in.
Download the ScriptingListener plug-in package from the following locations:

For Mac OS:
Scripting Listener Plug-in for Mac

For Windows:
Scripting Listener Plug-in for Windows

This package contains the ScriptingListener plug-in, scripting documentation, and sample scripts.

On Mac
Unzip Scripting Plug-In Release.dmg. and place the Utilities folders to the Applications\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Plug-ins\ folder.

On Win 32
Unzip and place the folder “Scripting Utilities” in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Plug-ins\

On Win 64
Unzip and place the folder “Scripting Utilities” in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\

You’ll also need to make a folder named “Automate” in this directory (\Plug-ins\) and place the ScriptListener.8li file whenever you are ready to use it just like in previous versions of Photoshop.

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