What's a good laptop for coding?

If I'm to continue taking programming classes (and I'm pretty sure I am), I'm going to need something with a larger screen and more power than this netbook I'm using.

I hope to get something else for fall term, but I'm pretty out of the loop regarding what's out there. Here's what I'm thinking:

15" screen. Being able to see only a couple of paragraphs at a time in MS Visual Studio is driving me bonkers.

Middlin' processor, at least. I don't do any gaming, but it would be nice to de-sludge VS a bit. And I do watch short HD videos from time to time.

Matte display, NOT widescreen. Does this even exist anymore? I want to violently shake the person(s) who decided on all-gloss-all-the-time, and a view of about 3" of your portrait-oriented document. I need to look at words all day, not long-form cinema.

Nice keyboard feeling. I like the action on my Aspire One pretty well for my tiny elf fingers. I saw something (at system76.com, maybe) with a numeric keypad -- that would be a nice bonus, but not at all required.

Which reminds me: what about running VS in VirtualBox on a Linux host? School stuff is really the only thing I use Windows for. I'd rather have Linux for my everyday personal stuff. And no, I don't want to run it the other way around.

Quiet. +Andrew Heckman had a big, honkin' HP laptop that we dubbed Gigantor, and it blasted the jet-engine fan constantly. Though it was a very nice machine, I couldn't stand it for that reason.

I'm not too concerned about weight. I'll mostly be using it at home, but would like the option to take it to school or a coffee shop once in a while.

Budget: Not the cheapest piece of junk, but not $2K, either.

So...medium everything, I guess.

Suggestions? Comments?

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