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Races of Fold: The Halflings
The halflings presented an interesting challenge. They are by virtue of their race, wonderfully vague, yet present such a strong, solid image. To break it down; haflings are a small race, which means (stats and ability wise) they receive a bonus to attack r...

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Races of Fold: The Kobolds
For some context: Within Dungeons and Dragons, Kobolds are one of the weakest humanoid races presented in the books. Over the years, they've become something of a joke as DMs use them as a low-level minion creature to throw at beginning characters. They rar...

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The Races of Fold: Dwarves as Player Characters
Honestly, I swear I'll post about other races at some point. I've discussed how orcs fit into
the setting, mostly because of how they're a "new" race. The dwarves
haven't varied from the PHB in anything other than terms of appearence
and some fluff, but ...

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The Races of Fold: Orcs as player characters.
Having now covered two races within my world, I wanted to take a moment and look at how the orcs fit into the eleven classes within the Player's Handbook. Barbarian This is the favoured class of orcs. The barbarian class plays to the strengths of the race; ...

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The Races of Fold: The Orcs
Orcs. Orcs... Orcs were a tricky one. They have such an iconic place as "the evil villain's mook henchmen", and as "savage humanoid X". Here are the three most notable examples of orcs in existing fiction. In Lord of the Rings (the origin of 'orcs'), they'r...

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Races of Fold: Dwarven Subraces
Sorry it's been a while; since the last post I've lost the use of my laptop (leaving me with a laggy old desktop) and moved house as well. Step's are being taken to restore the laptop and I've just acquired a new desktop! Last entry covered the dwarves. Thi...

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Races of Fold: The Dwarves
Previously I spoke briefly about the basics of the races of D&D. Now, I wanted to do something special with my setting; I wanted to keep the races familiar, but with a twist. Something to make them stand out, but not wanting it to feel arbitrarily tacked on...

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Religion in Fold, and the affect on Clerics
In the world of Fold, the Prime brought forth complex reality; the initial creative force/intelligence/urge in the universe. The Prime was responsible for the great elemental forces, including life, and created the Titans to safeguard the life allowed to gr...

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The Races of Fold
Well, a world needs lifeforms to populate it, right? And having just one kind of being would be boring, right? It's a staple of the fantasy genre to have different kinds of sentient being living in a world. Most famously and most obviously, we have Tolkein'...
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