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Don't know how many of you troll through Humble Bundle and look at their books, but they have maker, Arduino, Raspberry Pi books on a fairly regular basis. Right now (for 4 more days) they have 20+ books on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and sensor (along with a few other things) for $15 (or more if you choose to donate more). The books are electronic books in a variety of formats.

I'm watching episode 252, Nano Box Reloaded. There is a reference in the code to the library RGBdriver.h, but I have found a couple libraries named that by searching the net. Any hint as to which one?

22 minutes into the episode Padre says that the library would be included in the zip file. It is not in the file I got from the website.

Thanks for any pointers.

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10 days left on this Kickstarter. They are wanting to get to 1000 backers or 6000 pounds (that's British money, not the weight of 10 Americans). If they get to one of those numbers they are going to donate 100 rulers to the Raspberry Pi foundation.

If you want to help, but have no interest in owning the ruler, you can always send extras to me. :-)

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My friend said I could play his tuba. To get ready for the large mouthpiece I have been playing my cornet backwards.

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My treadmill isn't working consistently and I think it is the signal going out of the main circuit board to the motor. I tapped into the wires going out of the main board to the motor (bottom right of picture) to test what type of signal was going out. I expected it to be a low DC voltage. My volt meter goes from 0.0 V when not connected to showing a 1 indicating an error.

What type of signal should I expect going to the motor? I was hoping it would be something that I could program my Raspberry Pi to send out of the GPIO and to the motor. I can provide the whole schematic if needed. At least what I have. It does not have the logic from the board, only the main voltage/wiring diagram.

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I tried to take a photo a day this month. Didn't get one every day, but still had fun.

Looking at spam filtering solutions. I don't mind a paid solution (within reason), but would prefer to host on my own server. I am not currently running a mail server. I could if necessary.

Ideally, I would like to have my domain registrar continue handling the email (they give me a good amount of storage and a nice webmail interface). Then I would alter my MX records to filter the mail in-house, or through a service, before it arrives at the mail host.

Any recommendations? Or, any horror stories?

Yo recuerdo en la clase que usamos un programa para connectar con el RPi y mostrar un programa de X en el computadora local. En otras palabras, quiero usar un programa grafical que está el RPi pero mostrarlo en el compu local. ¿Cual era esa prorgrama que hace el display?

Yo se como hacer la conección con SSH y usar programas de CLI (command line) pero necesito usar un programa grafical y recuerdo que usamos un programa espcial por eso. Quiero saber si alguién sabe el nombre del programcito.

Gracias (desde Tennessee, EEUU)

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I broke my navigation bar while editing my CSS. I think it has something to do with when I created a new menu location within my theme template. The old menu was styled with the #access  and .sf-menu items. Those are still in play, but I think I need to do something with #primary-menu-nav or #menu-top-menu.

The menu should be centered with the header and content.

I know enough CSS to usually hack together what I want to do, but I can't say I completely understand everything. Thanks for any pointers.

¿Hay otros de los estados unidos en el grupo? Sería muy improbable que estamos cerca para trabajar en vivo en el proyecto. Pero quiero averiguar la posibilidad.
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