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The Wars of the Star
I have to admit that I am more excited about the upcoming Star Wars movie than a grown man should be.  The music hits me and I see the X-wings blast across the screen followed by the flash and hum of a lightsaber and I'm just a kid again. I used to rifle th...

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UN Fountain
Let's play with some water.  My latest build is an ever-flowing faucet in the sky pouring into a small pool of water.   This build comes from another LEGO Architecture set, United Nations Headquarters (21018). The original model looks pretty sharp with more...

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Thar Be Goblins
My latest build be a ship full of pirate goblins: This is an alternate build of The Goblin King Battle (79010). I picked up this set on clearance a while ago and it is not my favorite.  The rope bridge is pretty cool and the Goblin King's throne is pretty n...

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Police Boat
It's time to take to the water with a high speed chase between cops and robbers.  Here is the police boat: This is an alternate build of Helicopter Surveillance (60046). When I started looking at this set, I was drawn to the helicopter's windshield and it r...

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I made it out to a LEGO store this weekend and got the parts I needed for this guy:  Special thanks to the staff at the Orland Park LEGO store for helping me find the pieces that I need. This is the logo for the place where I work.  This was done using a 48...

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Sweeping up the Streets
My latest build is a little street sweeper to clean up the streets:    This is an alternate build of the Tow Truck (60056): This was a fun little project.  I knew I wanted to change the front of the truck to a flat-nose style cab.  The front grill had sever...

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Ice Beam vs Mech
 I was asked a while back to do a rebuild of one of the Friends LEGO sets.  I also needed a set to use for's April MOC Alternate Build Competition .  So this serves a dual purpose. So here we have the Ice Beam vs Mech: This is an alternate b...

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Chateau de Helm's Deep
It's finally time to reveal the alt-build for The Battle of Helm's Deep (9474).  I present the Chateau de Helm's Deep: This
has been my largest build to date.  I started with putting together all
of those windows to see what it would look like.  After pla...

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Mini-Micro Scale
I've been doing this blog for a little while now, but it is starting to feel so been-there, done-that. So I've decided to take the blog in a new direction that will help me keep things fresh and hopefully help me to post more often. A lot of people work on ...

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Helm's Deep
It's time to begin a new build.  This time I will be working with The Battle of Helm's Deep (9474): This is an amazing set and easily my favorite of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit sets. First off, they do an amazing job with the brick work.  The large walls a...
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