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I help B2C businesses to increase their online revenue by using their website data -
I help B2C businesses to increase their online revenue by using their website data -

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Hi all, I'm having an issue with Content Grouping by extraction, wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?

It groups as (not set) even if I make the extraction as loose as (.*?) - not that I would ever do that, but it should work as a test

There is legitimate data sent to Page, so every URL should have more than one character - i.e. normal URLs

I do have filters to prepend the page with the hostname and also to strip parameters.
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Scout's 2018 digital training courses are now open for enrollment! I will be teaching 5 of these courses this year. Click the link below to see the full list of courses.
Scout's 2018 digital training courses are now open!
Scout's 2018 digital training courses are now open!
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Hi all! Just wondering if anyone have some thoughts on this scenario:

A third party website has cross-domain linking to a Google Analytics account. Upon receiving a certain type of data from the third party website (i.e. a confirmed purchase), the Google Analytics account holder wants to send a request to Infusionsoft's API to stop their email campaign to the website visitor. The third party website only allows the Google Analytics tag, not Google Tag Manager tag.

My thoughts are I'd have to write a tool that periodically checks the client's Google Analytics account for data and then runs a script when it encounters the data. Not sure if Google Analytics API allows that or not, and also the data might not appear in Google Analytics in a timely fashion either.

I haven't used the Google Analytics API yet so I'm not sure if the best approach.

Has anyone here exported data from Google Analytics in real time in order to trigger an event?

I created a hit-level custom dimension and attempted to populate it with an advanced filter that outputted "Confirmed Booking". My custom report kept showing as no data. All my other filters of this same type were working except for this one. So I fiddled around with my filter settings several times and still it showed up as no data. Eventually I tried sending the entire Request URI over to my custom dimension to see if I could get any data there at all. I submitted one or two requests after changing the filter to this setting.

Then after a bit of time delay I went back into this custom report and saw that old Request URIs from before I had changed the filter had suddenly started displaying in my custom dimension. Then to be really weird, I refreshed the report and the data was replaced with my Confirmed Booking of 12 hits, which had never shown up before this point.

Now every time I refresh the page or refresh the report the data within my custom dimension seemingly randomly switches between the list of Request URIs or my "Confirmed Booking" values.

Now I was under the belief that the values in the custom dimensions are stored in the database so they shouldn't change around. I was also under the belief that a view level filter should not be backwards compatible if I change the filter.

Anyone have a half a clue about what might be going on here?

I'm thinking I need to put in a bug report. (incidentally does anyone know where to submit google analytics bug reports?)

Is this group not moderated? Seems a bit spammy... it is a shame.

First time user of Google+ communities here - can anyone tell me if it is possible to clear individual posts from my viewstream so that I can clear away the ones I consider spammy/promotional?

I don't want to have to remove the whole community from my viewstream.
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