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Hidden Injuries and Why They’re Dangerous
Hidden Injuries and Why They’re Dangerous

If you’ve been in an automobile accident in Orlando Florida, you may feel fine, but you could have received auto accident injuries hidden from the untrained eye, whose symptoms may not appear until days or weeks after the accident. Always get checked by the Orlando Auto Injury Doctor. These hidden Orlando Auto injuries can be extremely dangerous and can cause long-term damage. When you experience trauma, your body produces adrenaline and endorphins as a defense mechanism meant to allow you to get out of a dangerous situation without the distraction of pain. You may walk away feeling as though nothing happened, but you may experience symptoms in the days or weeks following an accident, and any kind of damage left untreated can be dangerous.

There are three major physical injuries that you may not be aware that you have. One of the most common is a Concussion. A concussion is usually considered a mild form of traumatic brain injury. Even if you wear your seatbelt consistently and your vehicle has airbags, it’s still possible to hit your head on the steering wheel, window, etc. In fact, airbags have been known to be the cause of some concussions. If you experience a concussion that has gone undiagnosed, you could experience long-lasting headaches, drastic mood swings, and even memory loss.

Whiplash injuries are usually caused by accidents where one person was rear-ended by another and occurs when the head snaps forward or backward violently. Most people don’t realize they’ve gotten whiplash until 24-72 hours after the accident when the symptoms begin to show.

The most severe of the physical hidden injuries is Traumatic Brain Injury. Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is difficult to diagnose on the surface. You may be experiencing swelling or bleeding in your brain and be completely unaware until the symptoms begin. Symptoms include the loss of emotional or impulse control, memory loss, or the loss of other brain function. If not treated immediately, the effects of TBI could worsen and become extremely dangerous.
Hidden injuries are not always physical, however. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be experienced by anyone who has been through a traumatic experience. Some of the symptoms of PTSD are anxiety, depression, fear of getting behind the wheel again, difficulty sleeping and the problems focusing on even simple tasks.

Because symptoms may begin to emerge days or weeks after your accident, it may not even occur to you that they are from the accident, so that’s why it’s important to be seen by an Orlando Auto Injury Doctor as soon as you can after your accident. At Safecare Docs, Orlando’s Auto Injury Doctors, we’ll get you in to see a doctor quickly. Our doctors specialize in finding hidden injuries, and we’ll examine you thoroughly and look for all injuries you may have gotten in your accident. We’ll diagnose you and come up with a recovery plan that will involve treating your medical issues and recommending therapeutic exercises that will help you recover.
If you’ve been in an accident, call Safecare Docs immediately and we’ll make sure you have no hidden injuries that could cause you problems down the road.
Call 407.992.9898 or visit
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Dealing with the Financial Stress of an Orlando Auto Accident

An auto accident can leave a person with both physical and mental injuries, but it can also cause huge financial damage for something that may not have even been your fault. But regardless of fault, you could be facing a stack of bills and now have to deal with the financial stresses that come with nearly all automobile accidents.

Even minor car accidents can cause injuries that are expensive to treat, and few people have emergency funds set up for this. Despite having insurance, medical care is expensive, and treatments can last for months and even years.
Damage to your vehicle is costly to fix, even if you were only in a fender bender. If the accident was your fault, you would be responsible for the repairs to the other vehicle as well. If your car was not driveable after the accident, you would have the added expense of towing it to a garage and you will most likely need a rental vehicle. Even if you are able to drive it, body work can take days or weeks, so you could still find yourself in need of a rental.

Missing work can be real problem after an accident. If you’re lucky, you weren’t injured, and you can go back to work right away, but if you’ve suffered physical or mental injuries, you may miss a few days or weeks, or even months. Any loss of income is a hardship, but it’s even more of one when you have medical bills piling up.

Every day, people die in motor vehicle accidents, leaving behind families that rely on them for income or support. An accident can leave the family with the huge financial burden of medical bills and burial, as well as the loss of income.
Even if you get medical care quickly, you may suffer with pain for months, years or maybe the rest of your life. You may be able to file a lawsuit to help pay for this pain that you’ve been left to endure. The court will decide how much you’ll be compensated for your pain or emotional suffering caused by the pain and the accident, or the loss of your loved one.

If you’ve been in an accident, take pictures of everything, including the vehicles, the area around the accident, keep any receipts for things you pay for because of the accident, and keep a copy of estimates to fix your vehicle.
After seeing a doctor, speak with a lawyer before calling your insurance company or theirs, even if you’re not seeking financial compensation. A lawyer can advise you on how to speak with the insurance claims adjusters who are trained to ask questions that may lessen the amount of compensation you may receive.

At Safecare Docs, Orlando Auto Injury Doctors we’ll get you in for an exam quickly and will diagnose and treat any injuries, and we’ll work with your insurance company to help get you the financial help you’ll need after your accident. We’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to get you back on your feet again as soon as possible.
Call Orlando Auto Injury Doctor Safecare Docs today and let us know how we can help.
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Dealing with the Emotional Stress of an Auto Accident

Being in an automobile accident can leave you anxious and afraid. Injuries, insurance claims, a possible court case, or sometimes just the mere suddenness of an accident can leave long-term emotional damage.
PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a real disorder that can affect anyone. According to the National Center for PTSD, 9% of all people who survive a motor vehicle accident develop PTSD. Everyone experiences shock when they’re in an accident; they happen so quickly there’s no time to prepare yourself for the impact of the crash. This shock can linger for several days although the accident is over as your mind tries to make sense of what happened. It’s common for people to be left with a lingering feeling of helplessness after the abruptness of an auto accident.
It’s also common to feel anger, especially if the accident was the fault of the other driver. Irritability may fester and cause you to take out your frustrations on those around you who had nothing to do with the accident. Sometimes people feel guilty and blame themselves for the accident or feel a deep shame of not doing something to stop it from happening. Repeatedly going over the accident in your mind to find what you could’ve done to change the outcome is futile, but many people get stuck in this cycle, falling into helplessness and depression.

After an accident, many people experience heightened anxiety, and although the anxiety usually subsides eventually, it brings with it worry, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, social withdrawal, and uncontrollable thoughts.
Most of the time, these emotional symptoms will diminish over time on their own. However, there are some things that you can do to lessen emotional complications such breathing and relaxation exercises. Both will help you to relax as well as your body and can be hugely beneficial to your ability to relax and to sleep. Eating balanced meals goes a long way to stabilizing your moods. Stay away from sugary or processed foods as these are a major cause of mood swings. The same is true for caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. You should stay away from these and any other mood-altering drug.
During your recovery period, getting adequate sleep is key to a return to improving your mental health. Although people often have difficulty sleeping after a car accident, using relaxation and breathing exercises should help.
Returning to your normal routine can work wonders on your mental health. It’s important not to overdo it, but getting back into the swing of things can help you to move on.
Talking to another person, whether it’s a family member or friend, can give you great comfort, especially if that person was in the accident with you as they may be going through the same thing that you are. If nothing seems to help you get back to normal, call a professional who is trained in helping people understand and deal with trauma.
Every person is unique and deals with the good things in life and the bad things in different ways. Some people find that they are easily affected by a traumatic experience whereas others are not. The main thing to understand is that having emotional difficulties after an automobile accident is common, and so is getting help. At Safecare Docs of Orlando, we specialize in automobile accident injuries and we can get you the help you need. Call us today. 407.998.9898 or visit
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Dealing with the Physical Stress of an Auto Injury

When you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident, you could experience lasting physical, emotional, and financial damage that can cause great stress. It’s vital to be examined by a doctor immediately after the accident. Early detection of injuries is the key to healing, not only physically, but mentally as well, and in the state of Florida, a person only has 14 days to be seen by a doctor or he or she will lose the right to file an insurance claim.
Even fender-benders can cause injuries that can cause long-term pain and suffering if they are left untreated. Painkillers may get you through the initial pain but they don’t repair the injury. For your body to properly heal, a well-rounded approach should be carried out and at Safecare Docs, we will not only diagnose your injuries, but we’ll implement a plan to treat you completely, with a clear path to take for your recovery. Our expert staff consists of Medical and Chiropractic Doctors, as well as Physical and Massage Therapists.
Our highly-trained Medical Doctors will diagnose your injuries and plan a comprehensive course of treatment. It may include seeing one of our Chiropractic Doctors, who can treat many injuries with the use of spinal manipulation, a process that realigns joints, decreasing inflammation and pain. There are many disorders that may arise that affect nerves, muscles, and even organs if misalignment remains untreated.
We also have skilled Physical Therapists on staff that use physical methods such as heat, massage, electrical stimulation, and exercises that target specific areas. If done properly, physical therapy can greatly improve your mobility and is a very effective alternative to surgery or drugs. By using expert massage techniques, our Massage Therapists can reduce tension and improve your blood circulation, which will not only promote physical healing but can be a benefit to your mental well-being.
At Safecare Docs, we know how important it is to the healing process to have a comprehensive treatment plan involving different approaches to treatment. We’ll guide you every step of the way along your path to recovery.
With Safecare Docs, you’ll get the best in medical and alternative treatments, all in one convenient Orlando location. Call us today. We’re here to help you.

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Orlando Auto Injury Doctors will give you a FREE Consultation
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Orlando Auto Injury Doctor #SafecareDocs 407-992-9898
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Why You Should Always Call a Doctor First

If you’ve been in a vehicle accident, should you call a doctor or a lawyer first?

You may be tempted to call a lawyer first, to cover all your bases in case there’s a lawsuit, but for that very reason, you shouldn’t. Why? If your accident does result in a lawsuit, and you were at fault for the accident, a judge or jury may consider the fact that you called a lawyer first to be the act of someone who was scared and knew they had done something wrong. If the accident was the fault of the other driver, and you are asked by the court, “Who did you call first after the accident?” would you want your answer to be “my lawyer”? How would that look in the eyes of a judge or jury? They would most likely view you as someone who’s faking injuries to make some money.
At Safecare Docs, we’ll give you a comprehensive examination following your automobile accident. Our doctors are specifically trained to look for any “hidden” injuries that may have occurred due to the accident that others may have missed. Hidden injuries may not show up immediately after an accident and can be very dangerous, like whiplash, a concussion, brain injury, or even PTSD. If these types of injuries are not discovered early, you could be facing lengthy and expensive treatments for months or even years.
After a thorough examination, our doctor will provide you with a plan on how to treat your injuries going forward using chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, injections, and if you show signs of PTSD, we may even recommend that you have a mental health evaluation.
A major benefit to speaking with a lawyer only after you have seen a doctor is that your lawyer will have a clear picture of the extent of your injuries and the costs associated with treating them. This will give your lawyer a better understanding of how to proceed with your case.
In Florida, you only have 14 days after an accident to have an initial examination by a doctor or you will lose your right to insurance benefits. If put off seeing a doctor first, you may lose those insurance benefits while you wait for your lawyer to see you.
At Safecare Docs Orlnado Auto Injury Doctors, we know that if you have been in an accident, you need to be seen immediately so you can be diagnosed, receive treatment and feel relief, so our professional staff will arrange for you to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.
Call Safecare Docs of Orlando, Florida today at (407) 992-9898 if you’ve been in an automobile accident. We can help.
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#orlando  native Holly J tells us how #SAFECARE docs helped here

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Each year more teens hit the road and become drivers. They lack experience that a lot of veteran drivers have. If you are involved in a ‪#‎autoaccident‬ you need to ‪#‎GETCHECKED‬ right away! Impact as low as 8mph can cause permanent injury! One of our SafeCare Doctors is on standby to get you in! You only have 2 weeks before you could lose your insurance coverage.
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A simple ‪#‎fenderbender‬ like this can cause permanent injury! You Should get checked immediately after a wreck! Call SafeCare Docs, one of our ‪#‎OrlandoDoctors‬ will see you right away and help you assess if any permanent injuries have happened.
‪#‎GETCHECKED‬ 407.GET.CHECKED (438.2432)
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