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i'm just an ordinary boy
i'm just an ordinary boy

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Second-hand UX
Something that I feel is overlooked by a lot of product designers is the second-hand experience of their product. That is to say, above and beyond the target user, who is affected by the product—and most importantly—what is their experience? If the UX team ...

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The front-end is...
It’s been my experience that most front-end developers know the feeling of being mislabeled for their skills: “The front-end? Oh, that’s just wireframes and fonts and…” 😒 Yeeeeeah nope! The front-end is also: Design Yes, front-end developers design. Maybe ...

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7 secrets for enhancing UX with micro-interactions
Knowing that we all judge a book by its cover, smart designers create catchy and practical interfaces. Potential users may be hooked, but how do you reel them all the way in? In trying to answer this question, all roads lead to a  human-centered design  app...

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Magento 2 Reindexing: Does not showing images, icons, css and js
Setp 1. Update composer Step 2 Run on command line php bin / magento indexer : reindex Magento 2 links in admin/backend don't work  Run on command line bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy  on 

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Sublime Text 3 Build 3103 License Key - CRACK
I use the first —– BEGIN LICENSE —– Michael Barnes Single User License EA7E-821385 8A353C41 872A0D5C DF9B2950 AFF6F667 C458EA6D 8EA3C286 98D1D650 131A97AB AA919AEC EF20E143 B361B1E7 4C8B7F04 B085E65E 2F5F5360 8489D422 FB8FC1AA 93F6323C FD7F7544 3F39C318 D95...

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15 Tips for Most Productive Entrepreneurs
Have you ever wondered how the world's top entrepreneurs get so much done in their days? After all, they have the same 24 hour days and 7 day weeks, yet they consistently get so much more done in that time. Here are 15 time habits of the best entrepreneurs....

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better naming methods in CSS
How to name CSS classes Naming things is the hardest thing in computer science, but, in CSS, you're naming things all day long... Based on my favorite articles on the topic, and recent work experience, here are my 2 cents about how to properly name CSS clas...

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Modify the URL without reloading the page
This can now be done in Chrome, Safari, FF4+, and IE10pp4+! Example: function processAjaxData ( response , urlPath ){ document . getElementById ( "content" ). innerHTML = response . html ; document . title = response . pageTitle ; window . history . pushSta...

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how to get current URL in jQuery/JavaScript?
To get the path, you can use: var pathname = window . location . pathname ; // Returns path only var url = window . location . href ; // Returns full URL

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How to include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file?
The  jQuery  library provides loading functionality  in one line : $ . getScript ( "my_lovely_script.js" , function (){ alert ( "Script loaded but not necessarily executed." ); });
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