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2Scientists, a couple of pints and a podcast for everyone. Brought to you by the team at
2Scientists, a couple of pints and a podcast for everyone. Brought to you by the team at


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Taegan McMahon, of the University of Tampa, has pretty much grown up in the wild. Destined to become an ecologist, she studies fungal infections that are killing off entire frog populations, and she's run into jungles, crossed rapidly flowing rivers and battled crocodiles to do so! OK maybe battled is a slight exaggeration, but there seems to be little she won't do to protect her amphibious friends.

She was also a speaker at our annual science festival last year, where she brought out some of her test subjects for the audience to meet. If you'd like to find events like these in a city near you, head to the website to find out what will be going on between April 23rd - 28th.

We were happy to be back at our podcasting home at the New World Brewery for this one, thanks to them for welcoming us as always. The track featured on this recording is called "Frogs Legs Rag" by James Scott.

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Peter Bentley is a scientist's scientist. A man who thinks you should only be doing science as long as you love it (as he does). His subjects of study range from brain networks to hunter-gatherers to autopilots on planes. He looks at how the natural world works through the medium of IT, and in turn how IT can benefit from how the world works.

Peter's love of science extends to writing numerous books on the subject and coming out to talk to us.

The guest track featured here is "Technology" by Chris Zabriskie. Thank you Chris for making your music available through creative commons! You can find more of his work on his Bandcamp page :

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A chicken, an alligator and a turtle walk into a lab...
Just a few of the weird and wonderful species that Richard Wingate uses to study the cerebellum or the "little brain". When not wearing his anatomist's hat, he explores the fine line between science and art working with artists and non scientists to find out how they see the world of scientific research. Stay tuned in to hear the tale of the mysterious headless chicken.
We're grateful to Glowdust for our featured track "April Showers", a fond reminder of fun times in Bielefeld. You can find more of their work at their site on their Bandcamp site:
Last, but certainly not least, we wish all our listeners a very happy, healthy and science-filled 2017!

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Tis the season to be thankful, and we are, for our friend Mel and her return to Tampa. So to celebrate we wanted to re-release her podcast. The volcanologist who studies the earthquakes generated by volcanoes, in order to predict potential eruptions better. Mel's work requires her to spend a lot of time in close proximity to volatile, active volcanoes – even sacrificing her favorite sweater to collect a sample of rock from a lava flow. Can't handle the heat? Get out of the volcano... and listen to Mel's story in this podcast.

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Our latest podcast with neuroscientist and neurologist Emrah Düzel from +Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg

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Some important changes are coming your way...

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Man-made climate change is a thing. Decades of work and the scientific community are agreed on that. How then to convince the final doubters? David Hastings, a marine scientist at +Eckerd College has a view on that. On any given day he might be communing with sea creatures, or communicating with politicians or concerned citizens. Listen in as he explains that despite the thunderclouds, there may be some silver linings.
Thank you to Green Bench Brewing Co. for quenching our thirst with those lovely summer ales.
The pretty little ditty on this recording “Life on Earth” comes from Mary Caroline.

Life on earth (Mary Caroline) / CC BY-NC 4.0

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Think of nuclear power stations and you might think meltdowns with Homer Simpson at the reins. The truth is that nuclear power is a clean and efficient source of energy and far safer than we give it credit for. Just ask Claire Blackett Taylor, a human reliability expert who works at the Halden Reactor in Norway. As the name implies, she studies how the men and women working at these plants can be prepared for anything. We talked safety, sunshine and sea-sickness whilst enjoying a mimosa or two.
Huge thanks to the Twang-O-Matics ( for their track “Black Cat”.

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We met with David Hastings, a professor of marine sciences and expert in climate change working at +Eckerd College. David was one of the #pint16 speakers at our +Pint of Science US festival last May but this time you will be able to see what he's got to say about the reasons to be concerned but also feel optimistic about our chances.
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For May, the 2Scientists team was wearing its other hat, namely the one that requires us to run the annual Pint of Science festival. Three nights of science, beers and the public in 13 cities across the US means we had little time to do much else. But rather than leave you hanging this month, we thought we’d share a previous podcast by Sandy Anderson who was one of the many wonderful speakers we got to hang out with as part of our events.

We hope you enjoy!
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