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Move your server to openvz container*
Really simple, as usual. What you need: 1) Proxmox(or any other openvz web-frontend) 2) rsync So basically these 3 steps: 1) Create new container (or create new config in /etc/vz/conf/) 2) Remove all the files in /var/lib/vz/private/ID/ 3) Do initial rsync:...

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Pad file with zeroes (or 0xFF)
So you need to add zeroes (or 0xFF) to the and of file and make resulting file be exact size.
For example, we will make 128kb file from 84kb file with 0xFF at the end.

So basically we open special device /dev/zero and getting zeroes from it. Then we chan...

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Uboot alternative - Breed.
Chinese developer Hackpascal released his alternative to standard routers uboot - Breed.
It is universal bootloader that supports MT7620/MT7620a from MTK and AR9344 chips from Atheros.
Most important features are: web-interface possibility of entering bootl...

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Iptables change packet destination address
So you've faced this problem - you can't do anything to application and you know which host this application trying to connect. For example, your application connects to remote host, but you need it to connect to

So here's simple sol...

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Fresh u-boot images (01 july 2014) for atheros-based routers
I revised original's sources for pepe2k's u-boot mod ( ) for atheros-bases routers and dev-boards. And i decided to recompile fresh u-boot images for all capable routers.
Here they are: uboot_for_tp-link_tl-wr740n_v4.bin...

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Your own certificate authority(CA) with EasyRSA 3.0
You always can buy certificate for your Webserver/VPN or even order free one from StartSSL.
But what if you can do everything by yourself? Create your CA, create signed server certificates, create client certificates, use client ssl-certs to authorize on y...

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EasyRSA 3.0 Удостоверяющий центр
Можно всегда заказать за денюшку сертификат для собственного веб- или openvpn-сервера, даже можно заказать бесплатный сертификат от StartSSL. Но ведь можно сделать всё и самостоятельно, особенно если этих самых сертификатов придется генерить очень много. Ра...

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Secure your mac with your bluetooth-enabled phone, auto-lock it when you're away.
Some time ago i though about security of my laptop. When I'm not at home, at work, for example, i often go away from my macbook and wanted to be sure no one will look at my screen when i'm away.
I'm running mac os x, so i found free Proximity app. Get it he...

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Блокировка mac с помощью мобильного телефона. Bluetooth.
Решил заморочиться с безопасностью ноута. На работе часто бывает, что отходишь от ноута и хочется быть уверенным что лишние глаза не смотрят в твой экран во время твоего отсутствия. На просторах интернета было найдено бесплатное приложение Proximity. Скачат...

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VLC 2.2 http lua interface || nginx basic auth upstream
Yesterday i updates VLC from version 2.0.8 to 2.2 nightie. As i expected, this broken some things. Developers of http lua interface decided that i NEED to have password to access web-interface of VLC. Good idea, but why they didn't done this before? On the ...
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