Why Was My Post Deleted??

We receive many questions, queries and querulous complaints from community members on the topic of deleted posts. Some cry censorship or cherry-picking of topics! So we put together the Top 5 Reasons your Science on Google+ Community Post was deleted. Your feedback is invited!

# BONUS: We delete posts that have already been shared to the community. This happens when some news item or gif is particularly hot. 

#5. Post and Run: You post often to the community but don't respond to comments, monitor activity or interact on your own post. You ignore moderator comments on posting to the correct category or following guidelines. We  may suspect you of building SEO credit.

#4. Offensive:  Your post is purportedly about science but the topic is inflammatory and provokes negative comments or stereotypes on religion, race or gender. 

#3. Plagiarism and Lack of Source: You copy/pasted the text from a news site or blog but failed to acknowledge it. You used an image without crediting the artist/photographer. There are no links for someone who may want to learn more. 

#2. Link Spam: You linked to an article or video but had little or no introduction to it. ("This is cool!" does not cut it). See http://goo.gl/D0sQs9 on how and why to post a useful introduction.

#1. It had nothing to do with science. But it did have to do with pseudoscience, anti-science, and junk science.  It may have been self-promoting, marketing, or just plain spam. This may be hard to believe, but...not every funny meme, beautiful photograph or cool gif is relevant to the science community :)

Image: From Wired.co.uk  http://goo.gl/ccL6RJ
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