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How much should your client understand SEO? Should you be educating them? In this post I look at the importance of educating your client in the art of SEO
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I think client should know about SEO, at least they can understand what an SEO person doing for their website..
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Thanks for the kind words Niklank :) 

Personally I think it is essential for clients to have an understanding of SEO, be it from us educating them or them having a basic understanding when they work with an online marketing company.

If they don't understand the work being carried out how can they attribute your work to any level of success?
I agree with you 1000%. I've found that when clients have at least a basic understanding of the SEO process, they are far less likely to get upset when their site doesn't shoot to page one immediately. 

Also, I understand that realistically I am not going to be handling SEO for a given client forever. It doesn't make sense to invest a ton of time into improving a website's rankings only to turn it over to the client and have those rankings plummet because the client did something they should not have done.

Awesome article!
I would take 1 knowledgeable client over 10 clients who don't know anything about SEO. A client who's educated on it, knows the importance of getting changes made and they don't freak out when numbers change (well, unless it's a big change).

So many people still think SEO is still just about keywords and rankings and don't understand all of the work that really goes into it. Your post totally nailed it here - "If you educate your client as you go they will put up fewer barriers, which in turn is going to help you get anything the client needs to handle, done." 

Nice post! 
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