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Leo Miller
I enjoy interesting games and making stuff.
I enjoy interesting games and making stuff.

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Good racial epithets for Steadfast soldiers to use for Gaians? Looking for something like the equivelant of "Jerrys" or "Fritz" used by the british during ww2. Bare in mind that nearly no one has actually seen a Gaian so they can be based entirely on rumour.

Help me weird up my next adventure!

Hey I was hoping I could get some ideas for how to spice up my next adventure.

Basically It's set up to be a tour of Shallamas, meeting various NPCs and groups in the city in preparation for a sandboxish campaign. Anyway the basis of the adventure is that a local merchant hires the adventures to track down the source of fake counterfeit cyphers and artefacts. It'll lead them through the various Shallamas markets and to one of the thieves guild, probably encountering a shadowling on the way.

So any thoughts would be good, I'm looking for ways to make it extra weird and numenery, also any weird city encounters. Also a good encounter with an echo would be good too. Thank you in advance

Two esoteries/tricks/fighting moves at tier advance?

Just wanted to clarify something with you guys, I think ive been doing tier ups wrong for my group. One of the four steps you can purchase is a new esotiery/trick of the trade/fighting move depending on your type and then when get to a new tier you can also pick a new esotery/trick/move. So that if someone wanted they could end up with two new things each time they tier up, right?  

Fey in the Ninth World?

So I'm a massive fan of the Dresden Files and one of my favourite aspects are the Fey. I've been thinking of using them in my Numenera adventures but I've been trying to work out how to make them Ninth Worldly.

Some of the themes/ideas I feel that make the Fey are:
- Illusions: Fooling, enchanting and misdirecting mortals
- Bargains: Making deals with mortals, sticking to their word but always trying to get one over on the other party
- Beautiful but Alien: Fey always seem to have some kind of characteristic that singles them out from mortals, aside from the glamorous beauty  

so baring that in mind how would you make the Fey fit in the Ninth World?

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Hi I dont know if anyone else will want this but I've made up the numenera symbol that's on the dice and things as a vector file. 

also as a side comment, I just noticed that it looks remarkably like the the super continent of the ninth world.

Who is the current Amber Pope?
Has the identity of the current Amber Pope ever been stated? Has anyone ever had him in their game? what do you think he's like?

Any Ideas for a home base/ vehicle for my players?

Thought I'd tap into all the creative geniuses here and see what ideas I could steal. I'm considering giving my players a kind of home base/vehicle for them to travel the ninth world in. Mostly just because I want to be able to explore locations all over the ninth world without worrying about them taking months and months to get anywhere. Also if it is suitably weird it could be a great as a hook for stories in themselves.

my ideas so far were:
-a floating crystal ship, something like a wooden sailing ship that runs on stored sunlight. It is controllable but is always breaking down and is obviously not at 100% capability.
-a trans dimensional base that moves, probably without the players controlling it but maybe predictably (similar to the vortex)
-a floating monolith or ruin full of doorways to other places. Maybe it grows and changes inside. 

So my biggest concern is that it isn't too easy for my players to abuse in game and that it has plenty of opportunity for unexpected encounters. 

Weird Smells of the Ninth World?
So thanks to +Lex Starwalker's lovely podcast I've realised that I don't describe enough smells in my games. So what are some weird smells of the Ninth World?

Faction Idea The Orphans of Sol (TPC). Just thought people might interested in a faction I made for my newest campaign. Planning to use them as both antagonists and reluctant allies.

Although most people do not know it, the group known as the Orphans of Sol has it origins as a natural philosophy club in Charmonde. Founded almost forty years ago by five philosophers, the club was dedicated to finding the home worlds of the various ultraterrestrial residents of earth. It captured the public imagination at the time and gained some notoriety, climbing to almost a hundred members. However as the fashion moved on  and the members were unable to make any real headway, the club dwindled back to only a few members. Around this time the group was joined by a youthful and charismatic individual, a Lattimor named Narleyn-Met. He quickly rose to prominence in the club advocated a ultraterrestrial only policy and more proactive agenda. Once Narelyn-Met had risen to power the club disappeared from public view.

After some political maneuvering and some convenient accidents the club was radically changed. Narelyn-Met recruited disaffected varjellan, Latimoor, Odlark and other ultraterrestrials. Thier mission is to find a way into space and to their homeworlds, which Narelyn-Met claims to know the location of. He has cells all over the steadfast and the beyond looking for numenera or knowledge that could help them in their quest. Only a few lieutenants know that Narelyn-Met has in fact discovered an ancient battlecruiser half buried in the cold desert and is trying to make it spaceworthy,  but he maybe planning to use its offensive technology to conquer.

Possible Encounters

- When players try to sell a cypher or oddity (an orbital launcher, breather unit, gravity manipulator, etc...) and the merchant offers an unusually high price, if prompted the merchant tells the players that someone is buying up certain numenera at outrageous prices.

- An Aeon priest who specialised in celestial mechanics has gone missing, as has all his research.

- Cells of the Orphans of Sol can be found scouting out possible sources of information or useful numenera. They will do anything to protect their secrecy and their discoveries.

- Something is approaching earth at high speed, unfortunately the only telescope powerful enough to see what it is is in the hands of the Orphans. 

- The players need to get to into orbit for a mission however the only way to do it is to help the orphans complete their battleship.

sorry for the wall of text! thoughts and ideas for improvements very welcome!

Numenera in space!

So I've had an idea for a short campaign bouncing around my head for a few days that I'm trying to flesh out and work out if its fun/doable.

The players wake up in  an ancient ruin  as they explore they begin to realise that they are on a vessel that is travelling through space. The ship is huge, perhaps the size of city and much of it is damaged or locked off, it is clear that there

The players then can try to discover what the ship is, is it alive? is it fulfilling an ancient mission for a world long dead? or is it returning the players to its masters from a distant star. Sometimes it stops at worlds or stations that are equally mysterious some are ruined or abandoned and slowly mores areas of the ship can be opened up or repaired but some hold very nasty surprises.

I'm thinking something like stargate:universe or Blake's 7.
I'd love to get peoples feedback, I can't decide if it would really work as a numenera mini campaign.
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