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Daniel Bogogolela

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how He does a lot for us,
how we quickly forget it all.
how stupid we're,
for thinking we're wiser than
we really are.
how easily we fall for
the devil's deceptions.
and blame Thee for all problems we got.

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live your life however 'cause God is the only reason we're here.

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I'm being followed,
I don't like it.
I'm being tailed.

like a cat without a tale
I'm being scarred.

Like a steam train,
all that's coming out
of me is hot air.


at times when I'm
in no mood to say a thing,
he comes whistling past,
says some things he'll live regret.

He catches me off guard,
it's like he's always looking for
me to say a word,
like he wants to see his name
on my pad,
when I'm at it I don't know how
to stop.

he knows it, I just don't know
why he think he'll get away with
things like;
he doesn't know how to do it,
he doesn't know how to write.

I'll get him inked,
he knows it but doubt it.
I'll get people know what he
does when he thinks people
won't see him.

'cause if they can't see him,
it simply means they can hear him.
He got to know this;
when I'm relaxed it's not like I'm dead,
won't cry for him like he does me.

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One seven one zero it’s a number but
It does make you feel stupid.
I had to run back to his room and
punch the numbers up;
Hmphf, hmphf, one seven one zero.

Got back to her  and asked?
Did you really say one seven one zero?
Did you punch the numbers in?
She asked.
Yes. But nothing seems to be working.
This looks like a wrong code.
I say.

one seven one zero?
You first have to press the information button
on the left of your remote, above the radar.
Scroll down a menu which would’ve appeared
on your tv screen.
After you’ve reached it; go to number one and press
okay on, do the same to number seven,and  number one
then to number zero.

After you’ve done all of that I tell you, your decoder
Will be working in no time.
Time ran out and she accused me of not have had
been listening to her instructions carefully but I had.
wait a minute, one seven one zero?
Florida? Florida Lake?

This is  a postal code of Florida.
Am I that stupid to have had failed to realise
that this person on the other side of a line
is a hater and her mind's backward?

one seven one zero.
Maybe she had been listening to the
news and heard how one of two candidates
had to win the state of Florida to be the next
mayor of the suburb or something.

one seven one zero?
I thought hard about it but couldn't get an answer
'til I had lost a lot of money on airtime.
And the decoders voucher meant nothing to the
swindler because less channels meant lots
of cash back into her corporation's coffers.

And I was a Florida dropout donkeys of years ago
before she could even say who her name is.
All these year it's been out of my mind like my
uncle never lived and worked there.

now this one seven one zero code feels like
a reminder of years I had lost or at worst;
like hate to me for things I hadn't done,
things I should've and didn't do,
things I could've not gotten myself into,
things I should regret not having done
and should feel remorseful for all of it.

But one seven one zero is just a postal code.
When I was dizzy I thought it was an area code.
I think, I'll begin to hate codes but I won't
have enough courage to do that because
most things today works with pins, passwords
and codes.

Like yesterday, today and forever, everything would
be coded.
think Satan; triple six and Jesus seven, and below
zero, minus.

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