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*stickied post*

*private contact:*
Sometimes private messages don't work here; however I never get notified when I have a new "hangout" message so anything sent there might not be seen for weeks or months.

If in doubt, send an email to check that several times a day.

*Currently used accounts:*
I've had problems with a couple of imposter's (eg such as the one at Aviworlds), so here's the list of grids that I work from. If you see a "Han Held" that isn't from this list, check my recent posts, if there's nothing there then email me (or send me a PM here) ...if nothing else, I'd appreciate the heads' up.

I'm a member of many grids, but these are the accounts I have which are currently active:

Primary accounts:

My private grid(s):

Infrequently used: (lost password) (I know, I know, ...I'm as shocked as you are!)


I'm going to sticky this post and it should always be viewable from my profile. I will edit it to reflect any changes in that list. :) (last edit: 4 August 2018)
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* Deutsche Fassung weiter unten *

Dear Metros,

the time has come: the date for the database conversion has been determined. It will be the moment when METRO's Grid services are continuously online for exactly 20,000 hours without data loss. This will be on Saturday the 24.02.2019 at 04:00 clock in the morning. At this point in time, the "new METRO" will start working in parallel with the "old METRO".

We have put together a guide for you with detailed information. This guide mainly covers the transmission of avatars, inventories and other data around the avatar. The important thing is that the METRO will be permanently available during the conversion. Likewise, all identifiers (UUID) are included in the new database. How this works is explained in this tutorial:

[German version]

[English version]

About the connection of self-hosted regions, we will publish shortly before the activation of the "new METRO" another, detailed tutorial.

If you want to use the service of automated avatar transmission, please do it as soon as possible. Because the bookings are processed from the 24.02.2019 in the order of receipt. In addition, we have an early impression of the quantity of inquiries. With this data we can then pre-plan the server capacities for the avatar migration accordingly.

At this point I would like to thank Uncle CM who once again proved to be an excellent expert for Big Data and innovative DB concepts. Together with Zak Spot, a migration concept has emerged, which could also be described as a 4S concept:

smart, smooth, secure and ... sexy! 😊

Greetings, Lena


* Deutsche Fassung *

Liebe Metros,

es ist soweit: der Termin fĂŒr die Datenbank-Umstellung steht fest. Es wird der Moment sein, wenn die METRO mit seinen Grid-Dienstleistungen genau 20.000 Stunden ohne Datenverlust ununterbrochen online ist. Das wird am Samstag den 24.02.2019 um 04:00 Uhr morgens sein. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wird die „neue METRO“ parallel zur „alten METRO“ die Arbeit aufnehmen.

Wir haben fĂŒr euch eine Anleitung mit detaillierten Informationen zusammengestellt. Diese Anleitung behandelt hauptsĂ€chlich die Übertragung der Avatare, Inventare und sonstigen Daten rund um den Avatar. Das Wichtige dabei ist, dass die METRO auch wĂ€hrend der Umstellung permanent verfĂŒgbar sein wird. Ebenso werden alle Kennungen (UUID) mit in die neue Datenbank ĂŒbernommen. Wie das genau funktioniert, wird euch in diesem Tutorial erklĂ€rt:

[Deutsche Fassung]

[Englische Fassung]

Über den Anschluss selbst gehosteter Regionen werden wir kurz vor der Freischaltung der „neuen METRO“ ein weiteres, detaillierts Tutorial veröffentlichen.

Falls ihr den Service der automatisierten Avatar-Übertragung nutzen wollt, dann macht das bitte möglichst frĂŒhzeitig. Denn die Buchungen werden ab dem 24.02.2019 in der Reihenfolge des Einganges abgearbeitet. Zudem haben wir dann auch schon frĂŒhzeitig einen Eindruck ĂŒber die Menge der Anfragen. Mit diesen Daten können wir dann die ServerkapazitĂ€ten fĂŒr die Avatar-Migration entsprechend vorplanen.

An dieser Stelle meinen herzlichen Dank an Uncle CM der sich hier wieder als exzellenter Fachmann fĂŒr Big Data und innovative DB-Konzepte gezeigt hat. Zusammen mit Zak Spot ist ein Migrations-Konzept entstanden, welches man auch als 4S-Konzept bezeichnen könnte:
smart, smooth, secure and 
 sexy! 😊

Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Lena

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Who's out there on Friendica?

This is a new project by one of the Friendica developers and I think it's great! Check it out :)

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Learning about Events in Friendica

A special form of postings are events. The events you and your contacts share can be found at /events on your node. To get there go to your wall and follow the tab "events" Depending on the theme you are using, there might be an additional link from the navigation menu to this page.

Here I am showing my calendar. I see any events that any of my contacts post. I've gone into my settings on the second image to allow anyone to download my calendar.

You can find out more at
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Renee DiResta: Misinformation, Disinformation and Propaganda on the Internet

DiResta first turned up on my awareness with a New York Times profile some months back. In the past few days here RibbonFarm essay, "The Digital Maginot Line" has been circulating.

I've been sponging up everything I can find from her over the past few days. See her speaking and writing page ( particularly, or YouTube vids (


* The Internet's Original Sin (
* Renee DiResta on the Open Mind: Ethical and Societal Implications of Technology (
* The Lunatics are Running the Asylum (
* Bannan Forum Discussion | Disinformation & Discernment with Renee DiResta (

The question of how to deliver the promise of the Internet without creating the cesspit and tools of oppression which have emerged is a central one to my consideration of the Plexodus.

What's particularly challenging is that many of the problems are counterpoints: censorship, harassment, surveillance, and bullying, but also disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and manipulation.

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Made up a GUI secure manual so that those window people that have issues learning Linux servers from a command line can log in from windows. Anyways enjoy.

it's Step 6.

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I am going to dip my toes into the Fediverse waters via

I'm not sure if this will be permanent or not.

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A quick texture recipie using filterforge:
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